Suggestions for AES/EBU cable for Classe CDP-102?

I just bought a Classe CDP-102, and have an SSP-600 feeding a CA-5200 (5 X 200W - center and 4 surrounds) and a CA-301 (2 X 300W fronts) - speakers are (2) B&W 803 Matrix S2 (fronts), (3) Matrix 805s (cc and rear surrounds), and (2) B&W DS6 surrounds.

I'm looking for a good used AES/EBU cable - but my toy fund is low ... can I buy a good cable under $300, and if so, can anyone offer a recommendation? I noticed some good feedback on here about the DH Labs D-110, but fear it may be too bright given my set up. Thoughts anyone?
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Hi Celt16, We have a very similar set-up of B&W matrix speakers for HT. I'm in the market for a new HT SSP and considering the Classe SSP-600, Anthem D1 or D2, Halcro SSP100, and Krell HTS 7.1. What models did you consider before the Classe SSP-600, and what do you think of it so far for home theater? I'm more concerned with the audio, than video upscaling,and not sure if this unit even has video upscaling anyways. Appreciate and info you can provide. Thanks
Do people really think that quality digital cables have a sound?

Of course they have a sound. Do you really think that everyone that spends more than $50 on a digital cable is an idiot and just imagining things?

How many digital cables have you listened to and compared with high end digital transports and D/A converters?
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Gee, Dave, I just asked a simple question. You seem to have a habit of reading into things that aren't there. I'm sorry that my opinion/suggestion troubles you so.

Come on Bob, having read dozens of your posts I think I read you quite accurately.

But if not, please elaborate on your view of the sound (or lack thereof) of digital cables.
There's no question they sound different Bob. And the Blue Jeans cable is the worst AES/EBU cable I have heard. Even the Apogee is considerably better and is a benchmark for affordable AES/EBU. And you can do a lot better than the Apogee by spending a lot more. You should really have a listen, and dare I say it, before recommending something.