Suggestions for Feet

Awhile back, Tom (TWL) suggested that I try using different feet on the Well Tempered Classic (an unsuspended table) other than the stock foam-over-a-bolt arrangement. The space between the bottom of the deck and the top of the shelf is about 3/4", which will need to be more or less maintained. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks- Jim
Those IKEA Groggy Coasters is what this hobby is all about!

Something totally unexpected and cheap. And if I don't like the way they sound I'll just use them as they were originally intended.
I don't know if you are into cones, but I found some very nice brass cones that I use on my Music Hall mmf-5 with good results. The only thing is you must cut the mounting screw off of the cone and use double stick tape to mount on the turntable. I found them at I was very happy with the price and service.
No, this is not an add!!!
I'm for real!
You might want to consider gettting some Black Diamond Racing carbon fiber pucks to go under your cones. Great isolation especially from micro-vibations.
I'd heed Tom's advice. See if you can find some of the old Mod Squad Tip Toes. They came in very low profile sizes (some as little as 1/2" high and they have worked well for me in several applications. Might be a tough find, though.