Suggestions for inexpensive desktop system?

Hi all.
Wanting to add music to my office at work. Needs to be small and unobtrusive.

May use a portable Sony Disc-man or laptop as CD source, Walkman for FM.

Unfortunately using the network/Internet for such pursuits is frowned upon.

Don't have phone or any cellular enabled device.

I have been considering the Swan M10 sat/sub. So now you know what I mean by inexpensive.

System will be used low level and nearfield as you surmise.

Like lots of different music..

As always any suggestions and feedback is welcome.


Hi Dave,

I have no experience with it, but I've seen the Audioengine A2, at $199, receive high praise from users here, as well as in the reviews linked to at their website.

Best regards,
-- Al

Hi everyone.

Want to thank you all for your responses.

Al; had seen the A2 and am considering since it is at the upper end of the budget.

WP: Looks like a great system, perhaps for the home some day. Thanks.

Mofi: definitely in the budget, thank you.

Rok; have considered bose, especially since I heard damn good sound coming from some integrated iPod player at a recent meeting.

Have considered an inexpensive older receiver. I do have the AR 7s.

And a Scott, however am not to keen on bringing them to work.
Finally settled on an old HK 430 reciever in very good shape and some Boston A60s that look ok; little elbow grease will clean them right up.

For $120.00 I figured how could I go wrong?

Got it all set atop a credenza about 7' behind me.

They sound good together too. I'm pleased!

Thank you all for your input.