Suggestions for interconnects and speaker cables.

I need some recommendations for cabling in my system. Here's a list of what I'm using now:

Speakers: Wilson Audio Sophia's
Amp: Mark Levinson No. 383

The current cables I am using are Acoustic Zen Holograms Mark 1. Interconnects are Luminous Audio Synchestra's. Power cord for the amp is Custom Power Cord Company Model 11. Stock power cord for the Sony unit. My room dimensions are approximately 13x15x8. I know its on the smallish side but things do sound pretty good :)

My music preferences include jazz, classical and acoustic rock. I do like a more "forward" sound also. The thing I've noticed so far is that there is a slight pronounced midbass hump that I would like to tame. I do enjoy what I have now but feel things could improve with "better" cables.

I know that cables are a personal preference and are definitely system and room dependent but any suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Unfortunatley the hump you speak of is in the speaker and /or the room as a mode. I do not believe in using cables as a tuning device. Think the cable should be neutral and flat from dc to daylight. If there are other problems, they need to be addressed quite differently. I do not think a cable change will solve THAT problem

As a recommendation, there is a device called a PARC which can solve your problem with ease. Contact Rives Audio and let them know what you are experiencing and I am quite certain they will agree with me that their product is the solution to your woes.

Good Luck!
Your cables are not that bad but if you want to try a few others:

Pure Note:


Try Cardas they are more cleaner sounding cables,I
also experience you are talking about with my harmonic
cables on my andra.
Read reviews of the equiptment you own to see.That is good equiptment and speakers and good cable synergy is a must.

Good luck!
Thanks to you guys for your help so far. And Jtinn thanks for your suggestion on the PARC unit. I will look into that. After re-reading my post, I realize that the midbass hump has more to do with the room and speakers and that cables should not be used as a tuning device. Unfortunately short of creating a dedicated listening room, I will have to make do with the room my equipment is in.
Cables are very subjective but I know many people have quite a deal of experience with different cable manufacturers and my intent is to garner as many opinions as possible to narrow down my search. Its also fun to try and search for audio nirvana at the same time (albiet expensive). But my dream system is becoming a reality as I've worked hard to afford my equipment so far. I've flirted with the idea of purchasing a used pair of Nordost Valhalla's but can't quite bring myself to do it yet. Maybe someday. For now, my intent is to find cables that are not outrageously expensive but allow me to catch a glimpse of musical truth. Again many thanks for the suggestions so far and I welcome any others with opinions and comments!
Try moving your speakers away from the front wall as far as possible. At least four feet. If that does't help maybe a "faster" speaker cable is needed. My Soliloquy 6.5s have the same problem and Kimber BiFocal XL speaker cables cleaned them up considerably.
Speaker cables - Zu Ibis
Interconnects - Zu Varial

Great combination, very transparent. Try them, they have a 60 day in home trial period.