Suggestions for preamp compatible with Pass X250?

Recently bought a used Pass X250. Seems like it needs a pre with higher gain to me. I'm thinking something with a phono stage with low output moving coil capability would be optimum and eliminate a box. Tubes or solid state, so far considering Audible Illusions, BAT.

Any other suggestions?? Would like to keep it under $2000 used
Presently using an old Crimson Electric 510 with a Musical fidelity X-LPS v3 (Denon 103 on SOTA Star setup). Was also using an Anthem TLP-1 which was way too low on gain (planned to sell anyway). The 510 was 'borrowed' for the time being from a second system where it is matched with the 520 amp.
I would suggest staying within the Pass family. If the X-1 is too expensive, and it doesn't have phono, then you could find a used Aleph P and Aleph Ono for about $2400 together. I used this combo with Pass monos before upgrading to the X-1 and XONO which are slightly more transparent and quiet for about $4000 used. I loved the black one-box, simple ergonomics of the Aleph line. Another advantage is that you can go balanced with either the Aleph or X lines for lower noise and 6db more gain.
Stay with Pass could always get an X2.5 or even an X1 then get an outboard phono form someone else when ready.
Suggest going for a tubed preamp, but make sure it can drive the low impedance of the Pass Amp. I have a X150 amp and have run it with a Supratek and a Modwright. The modwright gain is a little high meaning that you can turn the volume up too much with efficient speakers. Not a problem for me since I have inefficient Eminent tech speakers. I am selling the Modwright, but I may keep it and sell the Supratek. Both great preamps that do different things better. The original X series Pass amps need a little warmth on the preamp. It think the Pass preamp would not give it to you.
Why deviate from Pass, they get so much right with both pre and amps, there is little reason to to take a chance on another. You will only be able to go sideways or back....Jeff