Suggestions on Ethernet cables for Accuphase digital separates..

I have a quick question that hopefully the members here can help me with. I recently purchased the Accuphase separates DC 1000 and DP 1000 and the DAC and Transport are connected by an ethernet cable.  A J45 if I have that correct, is the standard connection for this application. I would appreciate if any members here who own these pieces have upgraded this cable connection and what cable they went to and why. Thank you in advance.....      


@garebear My systems are not the same as yours but I hope you will find this reply useful nonetheless. I have an Innuos streamer into which I use a Transparent Cable ethernet cable. The Innuos is in turn connected to an Accuphase E-800 integrated (with DAC-60 card) via a Kubala-Sosna Sensation USB cable. I’m happy with the sound of the system. I also use a Transparent Audio ethernet cable in another system and I’m happy with its performance in that system too.

@garebear best thing to do is either contact the cable company and get few cables to try at home using their landing library, or buy used and lose a little potentially by selling.
If you don’t want to spend a lot, try Linkup cable from amazon. Solid build with excellent connectors.

.......I appreciate the responses but I have been doing business with The Cable Company since 1990 when it was originally owned by Robert Stein and this is not the same company as I first remember. It just seems to be everyone's standard response here when one is looking for a cable. The Cable Company seems to me at least to push only a few brands and that's it. I can look those up on my own. Please read my entire thread as few often do as these are going on Acuuphase's  DP and DC 1000 separates and not looking just to throw a cable on there and see if it works and if not sell it ........ends up being a waster of time and I am also looking for a good cable with these pieces and not a run of the mill cable. 
I guess another question would be ; are all ethernet cables called C7's ? ....and all of the connections RJ 45's ?