Sumo/Chase RLC-1 vs Golden Tube SI-50mk2

Hi guys, I am putting together a very entry level audio system based around a pair of Von Schweikert VR-4 Gen 3 (89db sensitivity) speakers.

I went ahead and splurgged on the speakers since I believe they are the most important piece of equipment in the chain. But thats another thread altogether.

My dilemma is this, I have this slightly modified Sumo Polaris mkI amplifier (Solid State, 100wpc) and Chase Remote Control Preamp combo coming via UPS in a week or so, but I also have a Golden Tube SI-50mkII (Tubes, 50 wpc) integrated amplifier coming via UPS in the next week as well.

I know the VR-4's would like the extra power of the Sumo, however I have wanted to stay with tubes since over the last few years my ear has grown to love that super midrange bloom, and smooth top end that only a tube could provide. However I have not totally shunned Solid State products, I happen to think of the Bryson and Aragon equipment very highly and they sound great.

I purchased the Sumo because of reports that it has a tube like sound quality. I purchased the RLC-1 because it has a remote control, was inexpensive, brand new, and is relatively transparent.

As you can see I have a tremedously small budget, so I cant go out and buy that Sim Audio I-5 that everyone talks about. However I can spend up to about $1000, if someone has a better suggestion of equipment under that price point.

How do you think the Jolida JD-1000 with El-34 tubes putting out a 100 wpc fairs against any of the above mentioned products?

Thanks for all the input.

I too own a RLC-1. It's a piece I have left over from when I first got started. It is not bad as far as transparency goes, for it's price. Beware, power outages reset all your settings (i.e. tone, volume, balance).
Yeah, here in CA where we have an energy crisis? Lets just say I'll get real famalier with the setup instructions over the summer.

What speakers, amp, and source are you using with the RLC-1?
I no longer run my RLC-1. But when I did, I used it with an Adcom GFA-555 and a GCD-575 (heavily modified/tweaked). This combo is fairly bright and grainy, but played through the pair of MB Quart D-30 monitors I was using, sounded good. The D-30's are very warm and forgiving, but not exactly accurate. You will love your VR-4's. I've demo'd them driven with a full Krell setup and a Theta digital front/Bryston pre/amp combo. Both were cabled with Transparent. Great speakers! Now I run a Rega Planet cd, Coda pre, Sonic Frontiers amp and NHT speakers. I was running all Transparent cables, but the NHT's can be punishingly bright (very true to source - bad recordings sound BAD), so I incorporated Harmonic Technology Truthlinks as my interconnects. They are very warm and laid back, and made my system listenable for hours without fatigue. Happy listening!
Which VR-4's did you hear? Both the new and old VR-4 have super bass response, however the new VR-4 Gen 3's bass response can simply be described as "Lighting Fast Attack", they are really fast.

I believe Albert Von Schweikert used to work for Harmonic Tech for a time. Maybe the Harmonic Tech cables are especially beneficial to the VR-4's?

Which Sonic Frontiers amp are you driving your NHT's with? Which NHT's do you have? Previously I owned the 3.3's and VT-3, the 3.3 killed the VT-3 musically. However the the VT-3 shear weight in the lowend was something that you have to hear to believe. They absolutely rocked with no apologies.

In the End though I came back to the VOn Schweikert's, something about the excellent low end response, coupled with the clean midrange and upper end. I love them.

Do to my limited budget, these speakers will be the last I purchase for few years. I need auxillary components to keep up them.
I have a GoldenTube SI-50 MKII. Last year I was going to purchase a pair of VR-4 GenI. Because of funds I could not get them. I still wish that I had. I think if you want tube sound and still have good bass response then the GT is the way to go.