Sunfire TGA5200? Did I make mistake vs Para A51?

OK, I've just ordered a new Sunfire TGA5200 for a ridiculously low price of$1300 (2800 list). I was going to buy a used Parasound A51 or Cary Cinema5 (2300), or even step it up a bit to a Theta Dreadnaught (around 2900), but felt I couldn't pass up the deal, and it saves me some cash to maybe upgrade pre/pro or cd/dvd, or add standalone integrated for 2 channel music. I am much more concerned with two channel music than HT, although I of course want my HT to sound good. It's just not critical. My current system is B&W N803/HTM1/DS7/Sunfire Sub, powered by a Pioneer vsx49tx receiver and fed by Pioneer dv47a. I thought that adding some serious power, especially at 4 ohms, would make a clear improvement. However, my concern is that maybe th Parasound, et al, would have been worth the 75%-100% cost differential over the Sunfire. Did I jump on a good deal at the expense of serious SQ?

Thanks, and looking forward to the broadsides, lol!!!
Wait the Sunfire arrives and see how it sounds to might like it.
My experience is with Sunfire 300s (purchased used @ $800 each). Running one of these amps in stereo is suboptimal: The channel separation and overall sound is much better if you run one channel through each amp. If you then add a superior power cable (in my case Marigo Ultra 5s, more expensive than the amps themselves), these amps become nothing short of sensational.

Being a relatively commercial brand, Sunfires don't fare well on this board. But in my system the Sunfires replaced two mono tube amps from a very highly regarded boutique manufacturer. In fact, there was simply no comparison, the Sunfires were that much better.

I've never used a Sunfire multi-channel amp before. However, I own two Sunfire Signature stereo amps and they hold their own.

Wait until your Sunfire arrives and let your own ears be the judge.
BTW, for anyone who cares, I got the Sunfire and it is fantastic. I truly can't believe the difference over the Pio HT rcvrs internal amps. I'm sure the other amps are better in some way, but I just can't believe they would be significantly better. I'm a happy camper. Just by way of comparison, although obviously not apples-to-apples, I've heard my B&W 803's at various showrooms powered by Classe, Naim, etc, and I have older matrix 803's in my lvg rm powered by giant killer Acurus DIA100. The Sunfire holds it own musically, and may have more slam as well. Don't sell these amps short. Jeff
"I'm sure the other amps are better in some way" I feel this statement may be incorrect. Owning a Sunfire Cinema Grand I have to say it can power pretty much any speaker you can throw at it, conforms to OHM's law of doubling power output as impedence halves and runs never warmer than room temperature. Did I forget that most Sunfire amps are 2OHM stable, take a long look at the other amps on the market and see how many even offer a 2OHM rating. Not sure why Sunfire gets a bad rap by so many, I have run this amp side by side with amps costing 3-4 times as much and honestly, (in my opinion) unless you are in a financial situation to drop $10,000+ on amplification the Sunfire's can't be beat.

Enjoy putting the money you saved into other gear knowing that the amplification you have can easily hang with the big boys.