Superb sounding Guarneri String Quartet bargain

Long a test record in its CD and hi-res digital versions this was pressed by a short lived label and it seems they have 6 copies left on eBay for a stone cold bargain price of $15 -- swipe one up, you will not be disappointed

ps I just stumbled across this as I value my collection, I love my copy of this and highly recommend it -- the vinyl version betters the CD by some margin

pps All proceeds go to charity, St Jude -- so what's not to like! They also seem to have a rock album as well, no idea what that's like
Thanks folkfreak, always looking for excellent string quartet recordings. A recent release  I purchased CD, not vinyl by The Danish String Quartet of Nordic folk music. "Last Leaf", extraordinary recording, wondurful music. I like it so much I am going to purchase a vinyl copy