Supratek Chenin or Cortese

Was thinking about purchasing either a new Chenin or Cortese. Was wondering how much difference in the two are. Looking for people with experience with these two pre amps. Is it worth the extra for the Cortese? I am going to be using the preamp phono stage only for playing records.
I own a Chenin, and used to own a Cortese. I regret selling the Cortese. I love the Chenin, but the Cortese has a more robust, full bodied sound, with better detail. Perhaps this is due to the better power supply. One drawback is that the extra tubes in the power supply creates more heat, which is noticeable. Nonetheless, I hope to buy another Cortese somewhere down the line. In fact, I recently read on Supratek's website that the Cortese has been improved, so a new one is that much more enticing to me. Both preamps are very quiet and are rather neutral sounding to my ears, with a clarity in sound that is unlike any of the other tube preamps that I have owned. For what it is worth, the Chenin sounds better to me than the separate preamp and Stereophile Class A phonostage (a $12k combo) which I owned between the Cortese and Chenin.
Yes the Cortese has been improved as well as the Chenin. New phono and tubes as well. Thinking strongly of buying one or the other.
I have a Chenin (2006 build) and I must say that it is an excellent platform for modifications. I have done several modifications to the unit and I believe it is now the best sounding preamp I have ever heard. Here is what I did to the linestage (no TT at the moment):

-Each 6SN7 replaced with one 2C22 single triode. This decreases the overall gain and requires re-wiring the socket and drilling four holes in the top plate for the anode and grid top cap wires to pass through. High-med-low selector switch removed and replaced with standoff to wire the CCS in place.
-Plate resistor for above tubes replaced with CCS made from cascoded IXYS 10M45S current regulator chips, running at 14.6mA current and 175V. This reduces distortion to extremely low levels and restores some of the gain lost in the 2C22 conversion.
-Cathode resistor and bypass cap for above tubes replaced with 4 stacked 1A, 600V Cree SiC Schottky diodes (3.4V bias).
- Power supply electrolytic caps (33uF and 100uF) replaced with Solen PP caps.
- Output transformers replaced with Lundahl LL1674 amorphous cobalt core units wired 4:1 stepdown, with snubber network of 2nF PPMFX Multicap and 520ohm TX2575 resistor on outputs. The transformer resistor loading selector switch is disconnected as it is no longer needed.
- Mute switch disconnected.
- Output Auricaps replaced with Duelund CAST PIO.
- Regulator tubes replaced with Sovtek KT-66
- Rectifier replaced with Mullard GZ-33

With these mods the Chenin is a worldbeater IMO. It is dead quiet at idle and very dynamic yet sweet in the midrange. If you are into DIY and want a great platform for modifications, pick up a used Chenin and have at it. I particularly like the copper chassis and separate power supply, and the point-to-point wiring makes mods much easier to do.

Anyone in the New Jersey area who wants to hear the effects of such mods is welcome to stop by for a visit, just PM me.

Can anyone recommend a shop who could work on a supratek preamp in NYC or, if not in NYC,near NYC? Thanks
How do these units really hold up?? Is there anyone who has had bad experiences with these units? I was ready to buy one but i received an email that said they where not all they where suppose to be.
Worldcat,I have had my Chardonnay preamp for going on 5 years or so now without a single problem.I play it at least 5 to 10 hours a week and I havent experienced any "upgradeitis"" yet! I would"nt hesitate to buy one of these preamps .good "bang for the buck" and in my case very reliable also.
My Chenin has been very reliable, even after I have made all the above mods to it. Not one single problem, ever.

Some folks get put off by the point-to-point wiring job in the Suprateks; it is a bit of a rat's nest, but that doesn't seem to be a reliability or performance issue for me. After my mods I measured the noise and hum and it was <2mV total.

I much prefer the sound post-mods, but that is my personal preference. I find that the mods result in sharper focus, more clarity, and a more holographic soundstage.
I owned a Chenin for two and a half years, I was the second owner, it was purchased here and neither one of us had any problems whatsoever with the preamp. Also when I sold the unit I got exactly the price I paid for it.