Surge protection.... Or not

A lot of brand, like rsa, biz audio, etc.... Produce some power conditioner with no surge protection. Argument : you need just noise filtering, surge pritection affect dynamic and your device have a protection with fuse.
I am not confortable with this sort of statement. why people don't want protect devices ? Do we over react with surge protection ?
A fuse will not provide any protection from voltage transient spikes whether the transients are caused by a nearby lightning strike or an appliance/s in the home.

A fuse also will not protect from voltage swells on the mains caused by the utility company.

First line of defense is a good main electrical service earth ground with an earth resistance of 5 ohms or less and a good SPD, (Surge Protection Device), installed at the main electrical service panel.

Surge protection is required for keeping incoming high voltage spikes from wiping out your equipment. Having something beefy at the mains is a good idea, and in most areas you can pay a small monthly fee for the power company to install one and maintain it (usually about $5 per month). The spike suppressor is not activated until voltage levels get abnormally high, so they are out of the circuit and do not effect the music. When a high voltage spike comes along, the spike supressors kick in and sacrifice themselves to it. That is why they need to be checked every now and then.

Noise suppressors can affect the music, depending on what type you have. They are constantly active and have reactive components that can block incoming noise, but also produce a choking of the power to the amp or can cause bottling up of amp noise on the line, causing it to become a modulation of the power to the amp. You need to get a noise suppressor that is designed for audio application, if you need one.

Fuses prevent fire (hopefully). They don't protect your gear. They are required by safety standards (UL). By the time a fuse blows, the damage has been done already.