Surround Speakers for Aerial Acoustic set-up

Can anyone recommend surround speakers that would blend well with Aerial Acoustic speakers in the front. I have a pair of model 6's and the CC-3. The Aerial surrounds are just too expennsive. Is there a less costly option that will provide a nice diffuse surround sound? I'm using a Sunfire 5 channel amp.
I place more importance on my 2ch. I happen to own a misch-mash of different speakers for fronts/ the center/ the sides/ and the rears.---All different brands. ---It sounds pretty good to me.----Don't get me wrong; I do a lot of movies and concerts and love SS.--However if one were to be into dvd-a/sacd---then matching is much more important.---I have played some of those dts cds and the weakness are in your face; big-time.
Canton, A/D/S, Definitive Technology. something that's not too bright to blend with the Aerial's . I have found that surround matching is not that critical. I do like the match of my CC3 center with the 10T's!
If multichannel reproduction is ever going to be a concern to you save your money for the SR 3 s , buy something really cheap to get you by till you can afford them. This constant upgrade game will break you as you will not be satisfied with a mismatched set , ... even in the rear. If movies is ALL that matters then audition a few pairs and find as close to a timbral match as you can . Run a test tone and listen closely for similarities .