surrounds for thiel front speakers

I am thinking of upgrading my rear surround speakers in a 5.1 system. It has been recommended on numerous threads to try to match the timbre of the front speakers when choosing rear surrounds. I use thiel 2.2's as my main stereo speakers and have a thiel scs 2 for front channel. The room is 26' by 20' by 8'. Rear surrounds will be predominently for HT but I do have a 5 channel stereo option but not into DVD-A or SACD as yet. I don't want to spend as much as thiel powerpoints. I've looked into Energy, M&K, and PSB. Please comment on the timbre matching issue w/ thiels and these or other surround speakers. Thanks
I had a similar situation I had a pair of Thiel CS-6's for my mains and an SCS-2 for a center I upgraded to a MCS-1 for the center and bought another scs-2 and used those for the rears I then upgraded those to scs-3's for the rears. I recently upgraded my Cs-6's to the CS-7.2's . I was just a CES and heard Thiels surround setup using the power points it was impressive , I have seen bothe scs2 and scs3 on audiogon for short money so it should not be a problem to find either
I've got CS22's for my mains, an SCS2 for the center and a pair of SCS's for the satellites. I recessed both center and satellites into the walls and have very nice results both cosmetically and for sound. The SCS's were designed to be placed in or on a bookshelf. I've got the port on the SCS2 plugged. I picked up a mint pair of SCS's here on Audiogon for a couple of years ago for $550. Good Luck with your search.
I tried to find a less expensive center channel speaker to match my CS3.6's, but ultimately the SCS3 sounded so much better than the competition, it was a clear choice (the MCS1 wouldn't fit, size-wise, for my application). I am currently using AR TSW-110's for surrounds, and while they aren't bad, I am hoping to eventually add two more SCS3's. I would at least make sure that your center channel is a Thiel.