svs 20-39cs-amp usage

Hello, needing some help deciding if I should use my HK avr-85 as the amp to push the svs 20-39cs in my HT setup. I am afraid to use my old Luxman L-107 (hybrid- will save for music only). Having to use my weakest link (Yamaha RVX595) due to DTS capability for my main amp driving Klipsch Heresy's and RS-35 surrounds. The HK is 90 wpcx2 into 8 ohms, would that be sufficient for the SVS? As an aside, I am just getting around to hooking up a Denon 2200 for SACD and DVD-A in addition to the Onkyo 6 changer I have been using. Any help with the hookup (cabling) with the Denon would be appreciated.
Thanks, Mike
Do you know if the AVR-85 can drive a 4 ohm load? If so, it should work, but may not be as loud as you want. I use one channel of a Tandberg 3006A power amp (150W/8ohms, 240W/4ohms) to drive my 20-39CS and it can shake the foundation of the house.
Thanks for the response, Nighthawk, I am thinking about just going with the powered version and moving the HK downstairs and having a system down there with my older equipment (when I can reclaim the space for a little poker action.)