SVS PB-1000 Pro vs SVS PB-2000

These two have come on sale for the same price. I know the PB2000 is older tech and the PB1000 pro has recently been updated with a 12 inch driver that matches in size.

Does anyone know the pros and cons? size is negligible to me, I cant decide between the two.


"SVS 3000 is MUCH better and not the ported version either."

I have come to the conclusion that there is no question that can be specific enough to be completely ignored. 

Unless you need the speaker level connection on PB1000pro, otherwise go for the PB2000. It bigger, heavier, with higher output power amplifier and higher input impedance which has less chance to load down a tube preamp output, built-in high pass crossover, even the power cord is better (IEC C14 vs C7 on PB1000pro).

Don't cheap out buy 4 of something or mix and match. It going to be Christmas.. Treat yourself.. ;-) 

I did, I just ordered 2 more GR double 12" and a TT I've had sense they first made it. A Thoren 2030.. Mine got nicked in 2015. I'm still sick about it.. This is the first one I've seen in 6 years.. Now I'll see 10 more I'm sure.. LOL