SVS Ultra *vs* LCR-750

I almost bought the SVS Ultra before i discovered LCR-750. Is it worth spending more to get it ?

Usage: Computer audio system on a desk, sometimes listening from close range and sometimes farther away
Audio usage: 60% music 20% gaming 20% videos
Music: punk, hardcore, metal, ska
Room: 20ft * 10ft
Will use with a subwoofer, maybe PSB Sub Series 125, not sure yet

SVS Ultra

M&K LCR-950 - 2000$CAD
LCR-950 - M&K Sound

or M&K LCR-750 ?
LCR-750 - M&K Sound

Which one would you chose ? Is there a big noticable difference ?
I haven't heard either, but SVS appears to be using Peerless fiberglass mid-woofers, which are pretty outstanding for the price, so that would be my vote.

The tweeters and crossovers could suck though! But if you can audition before buying that's my first choice.

For your musical tastes don't expect them to have a lot of bass though.