Swapping capacitors

I built an ANK Dac 2.1 last winter, the output caps are Jensen Aluminum Foil. I just purchased a pair of Jupiter caps and I'm wondering if there's a way to easily change out caps rather than de-soldering every time.  I could cut the leads of the Jensens leaving them long and solder some type of connectors, to the leads that would accept the leads from the new caps.  Not sure what to use for the connectors and if this is really feasible. Any of you ever done this and if so what connectors did you use?

I've used screw type, nylon barrier strips, and cut them to individual terminals for exactly this purpose. I'm not sure where to find them now, but I am sure you can with a little research.
Hey @Flapjack,

No, those are not what I was thinking of. Those you can't cut with wire snips. The one's I am thinking of were white nylon, and easy to break apart.

Here is what I meant:

Those will provide four places(each connector=2), per capacitor, for corrosion to affect your signal.   By shielding from oxygen, soldering eliminates that possibility and attendant loss of fidelity.   It would be SO nice, were there a way make a more temporary connection than soldering, without potential corrosion being a reality.    Then again; if you're changing those caps quite often......
Could you provide a different link? I can't get to the one you posted.