Synergistic Purple Fuse - Aftet 1 Year of Use

I installed Synergistic Purple fuses in some of my gear a year ago and my perception was that they increased transparency, increased soundstage depth, and improved imaging vs the stock fuse.

Just now, after a year, I tried switching back to the stock fuses and let my gear run for a while. Then did some comparisons between stock and Purple fuses. I was surprised with the results:

  1. The difference was very small; smaller than I had anticipated.
  2. The Purple fuses had a more full-bodied sound, and the sound was denser.
  3. The sound with stock fuses had more space and air, due to not being as full bodied, and had a touch more bite to the sound.
  4. The sound was not better or worse between fuses - just different
  5. In the end I preferred the sound of my system with two out of four of my Purple fuses replaced with stock fuses. Balance was better that way.

As stated despite what I described above the differences were small. My findings were a surprise to me as it’s not what I thought I had perceived when I first installed them. I’m sure people will say my mind was playing tricks on me and for sure some will say that is still the case. But I also wonder if are basing our assumptions on how these fuse upgrades sound on how they sound when new, and not a year in. I had the fuse upgrades in my Innuos Zenith Mk3, PhoenixUSB reclocker, PhoenixNET switch, and Mola Mola Mola Mola Makua preamp (with Embedded Tambaqui). I found the effects of the Purple fuse to be common across all components.

I know this can be a hot topic that people get riled up about but I’m hoping to get a few insightful comments on whether others have experienced this or not..


I have no input to offer, but those are interesting observations that you posted.

Perhaps the differences from the purple fuses were more apparent to you a year ago because the differences were new.  You know how great your system sounds after a really good upgrade and then after a while it just kind of becomes the norm?  We get used to a lot of things and take them for granted after a while.

@tomcy6 I would agree that would be a possibility if not for the fact that now, a year later, the fuses add a distinctly different character than I at least perceived they added initially…

I recently tried the exact same experiment, throwing a couple of Orange fuses in the mix, just to make things more complicated, lol.

So, I "re-tried" Purples vs Oranges vs Stock fuses.

I found I preferred the Purple in my pre-amp (and it wasn’t even close), Orange in my amplifier, and it varied in my different CD players. In my Yamaha CDS-2100, I prefer the stock fuse. In my older Esoteric unit, it was Purple all the way.

Glad you shared your observations. I think it comes down to (pun intended).....synergy between your components.

Many won't agree with this, but the SR fuse is vastly superior to a stock fuse.

Live with the stock fuse for 2 weeks, depending on how much time you do  in-the-room attentive listening of course.  Then pull that fuse out and put the Purple SR back in.  Then you will know.  I audition components at a time of the day that I am not fatigued, stressed, or bothered.  Usually my hearing is best in the morning, so at that time I can listen and hear the differences best.

Of course, the other thing to consider is the overall quality of the hifi components, room acoustics, and focus of attention.   The SR fuses are not magic, but they are not "snake oil" either.  The Master fuse is one of the best buys in hifi.  The Purple is not on that level, but it will make improvements that have earned it's reputatlon. 

Anyway, try the two week thing with the stock fuse, replace with the Purple, and the Purple's improvements should be noticeable right away.


I have had similar experiences with other audiophile fuses after they blew. It was not the end of the world, kind of eye opening actually. Now I have much less interest in trying new expensive ones.