Synergistic-R K'scope Phase II Active comparison

Has anyone compared SR Kaleidoscope X2 Phase II Active with the SR Kaleidoscope X1 Phase II Active? Blue LEDs on the latest model (X2) are on the signal end as opposed to the downstream end. Plus how does Kaleidoscope Phase I compare with Phase II?
X-2 is a significant improvement over standard X series. X-2 series raise the bar to the point that Signature 10 X-2 performs like Resolution Reference X. We have even added another Family of cables at the top to accommodate the improvement, (Absolute Reference).

The first thing you will notice between X series and X-2 series is that the BLUE LED is now on the same side as the pig tail, ( the sending side ,closest to the power supply). This is because after many months of
proto-typing we have discovered that a non-linear design of Active Shielding, (X series) was not as effective as a linear design, (X-2). Now ALL of the Active circuitry is closest to the power supply, meaning the return has the same voltage as the send.

Linear Active Shielding yields a lower noise floor, a wider and deeper soundstage and more accurate, pin-point focus on instrumentation.

In order to accomplish Linear Active Shielding the entire circuit had to be changed. The circuit has been completely redesigned. Values of resistors and capacitors, as well as the type of each have been thoroughly modified. Though many of these components are leading today's electronic technology envelope in military and exotic designs, we have incorporated them in our NEW X-2 series cables, without raising our prices.

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I hope this is helpful.
Eliott Nommensen
Synergistic Research, Inc.