Synergistic Red Fuse ...

I installed a SR RED Quantum fuse in my ARC REF-3 preamp a few days ago, replacing an older high end fuse. Uhh ... for a hundred bucks, this little baby is well worth the cost. There was an immediate improvement upon installation, but now that its broken in (yes, no kidding), its quite remarkable. A tightening of the focus, a more solid image, and most important of all for my tastes, a deeper appreciation for the organic sound of the instruments. Damn! ... cellos sound great! Much improved attack on pianos. More humanistic on vocals. Bowed bass goes down forever. Next move? .... I'm doing the entire system with these fuses. One at a time though just to gauge the improvement in each piece of equipment. The REF-75se comes next. I'll report the results as the progression takes place. Stay tuned ...

Any comments from anyone else who has tried these fuses?
Geoffkait,bravo for your refreshing and honest comments about this utter nonsense
regarding the fabricated and imaginary benefits of the Synergistic Research SR Red Quantum Fuse and SR Black Quantum Fuse (you gotta love that "Quantum" part -- as if these 
fuses provided a "magic" entry to let's say "Quantum Physics" or "Quantum Particles"
; you know something that elevates them to the level of the much prized-but- very elusive 
"Unobtaniun" ((available on Ebay and Amazon- limited quantities,order now,once stocks are gone cannot be replaced)) <<. I thinks this discussion should expand to include " Quantum Energy or Zero-Point Field " another 'f ass cinating" topic; and of course the ever elusive "Quantum Moment"--which I'm sure many of those in this thread have an abundance of.. 
I don’t think geoffkait’s snarky and self important comments advance the charlatan’s position much at all, especially when he continues to list a pile of mostly useless pseudo tweaks as proof of the power of the unexplainable. Also, I've met Dennis Had who is a former and current world class designer, and a brilliant no nonsense guy who is fun to talk to and seems to know more than the average forum knucklehead could ever understand about circuits and sound. A gracious and fun dude. Also, to take an unrelated opportunity for name dropping, Judy Belushi is a friend of mine. 
  hello,  since there is a good jazz discussion going on in this thread,  I heard a recording the other day by Red Norvo and Mildred Bailey,(jump jump step I think it was).  Can anyone recommend a got cd to get featuring these artist.  
^^^kedoades ...

 These Fantasy reissues are usually pretty good with good sound.:

Also, the Savoy reissues can sound fantastic. However, they are hit and miss. Some sound very dated. 

If you like vibes, I recommend this one. IMO the best vibraphonist who ever set foot on the planet.

fleschler67 postsHas anyone on this forum broke open an SR black fuse and analyzed what it is made of and constructed?
Would be very interesting for one of the blown ones to be sent to almarg for a analysis of what’s inside, but then again SR may have insisted it be sent back to them for the refund or replacement of a bigger amperage one

Cheers George