Synergistic Research Galileo LE vs CTS

Any thoughts on how Synergistic Research Galileo LE speaker cables compare to CTS?
Thank you. Can you describe in what ways? My biggest concern is that the Galileo LE might be great, but a little dark in character.
As the Galileo LE ships with a choice of UEF tuning bullets you can tailor the sound as needed. Two greys will sound "dark" but a mix of one grey and one silver or two silvers will be much more open.  I started with the grey/silver and moved on to two silvers as I improved my system. 

The LE also responds very well to upgrading the power via a transporter. The CTS is no comparison so if you can afford the LE go for it especially as there are many available at present. My experience choosing the LE over Odin v1 and WEL is on record in other threads 

I was reading the 2017 Editor's Choice Awards from The Absolute Sound. Jonathan Valin was commenting on the new Galileo UEF wires. To quote, " More importantly the UEF marks a dramatic shift in sonics coming far far closer to neutral in balance than the darker sounding originals without sacrificing any of the speed, color, resolution or power range solidity that SR is famous for." That statement made me question how dark, if so, the Galileo LE are.
Bought an 8' pair of Galileo LE speaker cables with spades. Will compare and let you know. Will be here in about a week. FWIW, I'm leaning toward running Audioquest WEL interconnects. Love the rich, dense realistic images. With Synergistic speaker cables. Love the neutrality with spatial integrity. 
In my system I found that the SR Galileo LE interconnects (especially between preamp and amp) made a substantially greater difference than the Galileo LE speaker cables.This was in comparison to SR CTS ICs and speaker cables that I previously owned. An entire SR loom works "synergisticly". It gets even better if you use a SR Transporter rather than the Galileo wall warts. Since you are getting the speaker cables, I definitely would suggest you at least audition a pair of Galileo LE interconnects and compare them to the AQ WEL; you might be surprised, although I agree that the AQ WEL are also excellent ICs.
Quick vote of confidence in the WEL/LE combo you are proposing. I find it works very well for me -- and as I have a 12M length of WEL running between my preamp and power amps it's hard to financially countenance changing it out 😏

I am toying with exchanging my LE (+ transporter) speaker cords for the UEF, depends on the deal I can get from my supplier
Yes. Right now I am running an 8 ft. pair of Synergistic CTS speaker cables. I have both CTS interconnects and Audioquest WEL interconnects at my disposal. I prefer the WEL to the CTS on most material. The probable upgrade to Galileo LE speaker cables should be interesting. I'm planning, in advance, to sell the CTS. LOL. I'm awaiting settling on interconnects until I make an amplifier decision. I settled on an Audioquest/Synergistic combo about 15 years ago, running AQ diamond with SR Designer's Reference. It was the best combo I could find, at the time. Probably the wrong thread, but any thoughts or experience with MIT Oracle interconnects?
The Synergistic Research Galileo LE speaker cables showed up yesterday.

First, let me thank folkfreak for suggesting in a private conversation that my electronics may have surpassed my cables and accessories. That comment inspired me to seek out the Galileo LE.

So, I've been comparing SR Galileo LE to SR CTS. Totally they seem about identical. No added bass or more extended highs. But I did notice a bit more richness in the midrange.

The biggest difference seems to be spatially. The air around instruments, and the interaction between instruments. Its more realistic with the LE. Its an old analogy, but its like the pane of glass has been cleaned. There also is more depth to the sound field. 

The other significant difference I heard is bass control. Its better through the LE. Less resonant and more clarity. 

The two cables do sound quite similar and its obvious they come from the same family. But I see significant improvement with the Galileo LE, with no drawbacks, other than the cost.

Very nice description of the Synergistic Research sonic change when using the Galileo LE cables. I do hope you have tried the Synergistic Research Black fuses and the SR Black A/C Outlets. These two additions to a system really allow the SR cables to show their maximum sonic enhancements. The Fuses and Outlets come with a 30 day audition or return them for a refund.
The SR Galileo will improve even more more during the next week.
They also respond well to being on an AudioDharma Cable Cooker for 5 days to achieve total break in.
Enjoy your upgrade!

David Pritchard
Thanks. In the third paragraph I did type Tonally. Not totally. Stupid spell check. Lol. By no means are the LE identical to the CTS. But they are similar tonally.

I have tried the SR black fuse in an Audio Research Reference 75 SE. There was quite a difference, especially in the highs.
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