Synergistic Research SR30 Power Cables

I am planning on buying power cables for my system. The Synergistic Research SR30 Power Cables are what I plan on buying. Does anyone feel there is a better power cable up to this price level?


If the budget can stretch a bit, the world class no-veil natural sound WTPC evo (I make it) is $700. Alex/Wavetouch

@blamere  - Take a look at Audio Envy.

  • they use OCC copper which should improve dynamics
  • they use advanced insulation, which should improve clarity and image

Or you could take a look at Zavfino cables - a little more pricey, but very well designed and built

I can recommend an advanced DIY solution, but it is more for the advanced DIYer

Regards - Steve

+++ Audio Envy! My entire system is wired with Captain’s cables. The catch is you need to use the Audio Envy cables throughout your system, the more of his products the better...No different than Shunyata Research’s theory. 

Call Cap and discuss your system.


RE: the more of his products the better

Just to elaborate on this statement a little further - It’s not compulsory to use all of one brand of cable, but in the case ot Audio Envy and a few other great brands, the cables within a product line share certain design aspects, for example

  • Audio Envy use OCC copper and insulations that have a low dielectric constant
  • this improves dynamics and clarity/details
  • so if you use all Audio Envy cables across your system you wll experience a better overall sound experience because all the cables are performing to a similar level of performance
  • BUT, if you use another brand of cables somewhere in the system then the experience could be diminished if that cable does not perform as well as the Audio Envy Cables
  • just as - if you use a cable that has better performance aspects than an Audio envy cable, then you are again not getting the best out of your system

I’m not sure whether the same can be said for other brands, some of which has a mind boggling product lineup, but Audio Envy along with Zavfino, keeps their products alligned quite well

Regards - Steve


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Off topic to TS, consider the Synergistic Research Atmosphere SX Alive Level 1 instead of Foundation 12AWG

The stretch to the Foundation series for it's sonic benefits seems worth it.  The Foundation is SR's high value line

I added SR Foundation power cables to my amps and preamp last year. It absolutely made a difference. I plan to get them for my sacd player and sub next month to complete the upgrade. I admit I thought cables were just cables and wouldn’t make any difference. Then a fellow audiophile convinced me to try upgrading. I am happy to have been wrong. 

    The Cable Company has a couple Synergistic PCs that will fit your budget.

     I'm still using a pair of SR AC Master Couplers (w/MPC mods from Michael Spallone).  One between the wall outlet and power conditioner.  The other between the wall and subwoofer amp.

                                 Haven't felt a need to upgrade in years.

                         Scroll down this page, to see a number of options:

So you’re thinking of buying the SR30 for every component in your system? Keep in mind, some power cords are better for DACs, some for preamps, some for amps. So this may not be the best plan.