System Set-Up Suggestions?

I’d like some suggestions on the best way to set up my system and questions on the best settings for the components. The AVR is middle, front under the 50" Samsung UHDTV. I currently have the sub in front of the listening position and just left of the left Time Window. I could move the sub to the back wall but only through an RCA subwoofer cable. I’m not going to run speaker wire across the floor and don’t really want to run it out to the AS6 and back to the Time Windows around the wall because there is no way to hide it.

  • AVR
    • Sony STR-DH590
      • Center Speaker Size = ?
      • X-over frequency = ?
      • Rear Speaker Size = ?
      • X-over frequency = ?
  • Blu-ray/DVD/CD Player
    • Sony UBP-X700
  • Main Speakers
    • DCM Time Windows, circa 1979 (14-gauge wire)
  • Surround Speakers
    • Sony SS-CS5, pair (18-gauge wire)
  • Center Speaker
    • Polk Audio CS-10 (18-gauge wire)
  • Sub - Single, powered
    • B&W AS6
      • Connected to AVR via RCA subwoofer cable to Line In (L)
        • Should I connect from the amp to the speaker terminal connections on the sub at the front of the room and then run speaker wires to the Time Windows, deleting the single subwoofer cable?
      • Phase = 0°

I recently obtained the AVR and have some questions on some of the best settings for the components I have. I used the Easy Setup function on the AVR which used a wired microphone placed at my listening position to perform the Auto Calibration. Would changing any of these settings require me to perform the Auto Calibration again?

Should I set the surround speakers to be Large or Small? Using the Small setting allows me to adjust the x-over frequency. What x-over frequency would be best for this setting? What is the best way to connect the subwoofer, RCA subwoofer cable or speaker terminals? I don’t plan on purchasing another subwoofer. My apartment building neighbors likely don’t approve of the one. (ha ha) 

Should I have the Time Windows serviced and what are the estimates on the cost of that? They still sound very good and have never been driven hard. (Oh, I forgot about those college days). Previous amps usually had 40-50 wpc. This Sony amp runs 105 wpc in Stereo mode and 145 wpc in Surround mode.



those speakers, with supplemental bass, seem a good pick for an Av setup, I imagine you get a wide area with decent l/c/r imaging.

lots of quickie info from a search, including rebuilds

you might buy yourself an inexpensive sound meter (my latest kick), and measure them, see what you are getting, and how the l and r match each other.

inspect cones, surrounds, ...

Thanx for the pointers @elliottbnewcombjr. I did download a dB meter on my Android and got very similar readings and just by listening to them, I can tell each tweeter and mid is working. I checked out the attached link below and the guy who rebuilt his in April-2018 took 40-50 hours and $150-$200 in parts. What that doesn’t take into account are his extensive shop and tool supply along with his skill & patience! ;^). Hopefully, I won’t burn these up anytime soon. I can’t really get them loud enough because the cops’ll come a-knockin’. If I can get the amp settings right, I might be ok.