System Static Issue

Have an interesting situation in my system that I have at my work location. The system is leftovers from other upgrades but since it is used primarily as background it fullfills that quite well.

Recently, when I start it up in the mornings, while the preamp is in mute mode and volume is at 0, with no input signal, I will get a static sound out of both speakers, intermittent, but there.

I am assuming it is the tubes in pre (ARC LS17 se)

Have checked all connections and moved each (without static) to make sure that was not the problem.

Set up is used either to stream from internet or through a PSA Jr from SSD with music library on, through JRiver.

Before I get new tubes wanted to see if there are other issues I should consider.

ARC LS17se

Bedini 100/100


Shahinian Arc

Furman Power PL Plus


Did you clean all connections,or just move them?  If you didn’t clean them,that’s where I would start. 

Tomorrow morning just turn on the Bedini Amp. Do not turn on the preamp for a while. Listen for the static noise. If you hear static it's not the preamp causing it.


Disconnect the network.  Then try just amp, then amp+pre-amp.  Then reconnect network.

jea, good thought, can start them up one at a time

nevada, will start up eachone at a time, network is connected to DAC, so I can kill that.

Forgot to mention I have a bluetooth receiver to stream from computer to pre.

As pre is muted until it warms up, I have a little difficulty thinking it is tubes, but submitted question to ARC support....just in case


Ordering Deoxit to clean contacts..

My Bedini 100/100 has started to make a thump on startup. It’s not a static sound so I’m not saying it’s the problem you are having or that it’s the amp. I am saying mine is getting old and I know it needs updating. I’ll be interested to see your findings.