system upgrade advice?

Hello mates, I am focused on a DAC, probably a TEAC NT-505 or maybe the NAD C658. I am really happy considering the money I laid out on my present system. The PreSonus consumer musician tracking DAC is an 80 dollar unit. My system sounds really good in the difficult listening room I have. What would you change, why and for how much dollars?

MacBook Pro with SSD > Audirvana > USB to Wyred for Sound Recovery reclocker > PreSonus USB DAC > XLR to JBL 310s subwoofer > XLR to Airpulse Model 1 (A200) this is all fed yummy electricity from a Furman PL-8 with a nice big torroidal transformer.

one last thing, I will probably implement Room EQ for 100 bucks. I tested it and it tames the room. So I am open to all suggestions including a NUC, Streamer, Roon, what have you. Suggest away.