Systems with two separate amplifiers: tube & SS

I own a Prima Luna DiaLogue One (tube integrated), which I love and have been enjoying for 8 years, and am currently auditioning a McIntosh MA8900 (solid state integrated with built in Dac and phono stage) at home. I will more than likely end up buying the Mc, but I doubt I will ever part with the Prima Luna. I love both integrateds for different reasons and find myself missing one when listening to the other. Isn‚Äôt our hobby wonderful? ūüėÄ

I am considering re-arranging my system so that I can quickly and easily switch from one amp to the other, and was wondering if others have done this succesfully. If so, please share your thoughts and experience, and the reasons why you favor one over the other.

Thank you all!
Hello beyond...
Having options is a great thing.  It does keep listening "fresh".  I have a few different amps (all solid state) that I rotate through the system depending on speakers being used.  Each combination (3 amps; 2 different speaker brands) differs sound-wise with it's own set of strengths and weaknesses.  But all are very enjoyable.   If you can do it, I'd certainly encourage getting a SS option as alternate to your Prima Luna (nice to have a backup if something breaks). Unfortunately, I've no help for you in terms of how to switch amps "quickly and easily".  It's a PITA!  especially as I'm often switching out speakers at the same time.    
Good luck and have fun.  
My setup is done this way - two separate systems - just swap speaker wiring from the SS system to the Tubed one 

check my virtual system - components are different today / the idea is still the same

Good Listening 

I also swap from ss to tube. I simply swap ic's from one amp to the other..and keep a separate run of speaker cable from each amp. Best of both worlds IME.
Back in the day when auditioning both speakers and amps for 2 channel use at home I used an Adcom audiophile speaker selector GFS4 which allowed me to do side by side comparisons. For the amp connection I used banana plugs which were quick and easy to swap leaving the actual speaker connections connected. Worked very well. At the time I was auditioning both tube and SS amps along with speakers. I am currently at a 2 seperate system configuration, one for strictly 2 channel analog and one for digitally processed analog and HT. Hope this helps.