T.H.E. Show 2010

After just getting back from Vegas and spending 4 days listening, listening, and listening some more, one demo at the Flamingo kept coming to mind as a real standout. It was in the Jaton USA room. They were demo'ing a new pair of speakers they just come out with, not sure what the name was. I think it was the A30 or something, anyhow..... I went back on 3 different occassions to see if what I was hearing was just a coincedence or if these were the real deal. To me these speakers are incredible (for the price). the gentleman giving the audition said they retailed for $12,000. I know I know, they had better be good for $12k. They use Mundorf(!!!) components, with a very high quality cabinet (although kind of plain to look at). the AMT tweeter was incredible. put this in perspective, Jaton uses this companies drivers in a 12,000 speaker and you can go over to the Venetian and listen to Steve Hoffman sing the praises of Venture Audio speakers, who also use Mundorf AMT drivers, but the clincher is Venture Audio products cost in excess of $45,000 for their basically entry-level speaker and go upwards of $125,000!! On my last visit to the Jaton room another person was in there and made a comment to the demo guy that these were in the top 2-3 of all the sounds he had heard at both shows. That seemed to confirm my thoughts on these speakers. I just wanted to share this and see if anyone else heard these? These just might be the steal of the year for 2010 as far as speakers go.