TAD M2500 amp - Power Cord warning

Hi Everyone:

I would like to upgrade the power cord thats connected to TAD M2500 amp with one of the aftermarket power cord from either Audioquest or Siltech(Ruby Mountain). My question is 2 fold (The inlet on the amp is 2 pronged).

1. I see the following statement in the user manual for m2500. 

        • Although the power cord to the unit is removable, do not attempt to use a power cord other than the supplied cord.

Why would they print such an explicit warning? I tried to see some pictures/videos when this amp was used in a TAD demo room, but couldn't find any that shows which power cord is connected during their demo.

2. My second questions is, can I use c15 plug to connect to this amp, even though the inlet is only 2 pronged. I think my second question could be already addressed here.

1 - Usually this is because those power cords can be unusually thin gauge.  So long as you stick to 12 gauge you'll be fine.

2 - Yes.  If your amp has 2 prongs, it is double insulated and does not require the ground safety wire.  however, shielded power cables still can reduce RMI / EFI noise.
Yes the 15 amp outlet is fine. A higher amp value is ok, lower is not..
EX. Equipment  rated at 300 watts, max amp pull 4-5 amps. You can use a  120VAC/15 amp/1800 watt, 3 prong plug. (normal house hold stuff). Your 2 prong stuff will be fine...

 Whether it is 120VAC and stays there, that's different't too, is there surge protection?Those thing can be an issue to..

I would think that you can use any power cord you want that has a three prong power cord as long as the ground prong is removable or you can use a cheater plug which allows you to go from three prong to two prong.
I think I missed the point here, if you are handy enough to install an IEC chassis inlet receptacle to accept any three prong power cord on your amp would be a solution, but you would have to enlarge the hole to accept it and may be worth it in the end or an adapter if available.
Thank you Erik, Hvymec.
@phd, the 2 pronged male inlet on the amp can accept the 3 pronged female plug, but the ground plug is not connected on the amp side. It will be connected to on the AudioQuest Niagara 5000 side though.

Anyone with a good result from changing the cord on TAD M2500? Which cords have you tried and liked. I changed the original cord with AQ Z3 yesterday, just to test it.  I thought I heard some improvements. Although that's not the final cord I would go with.

Going by pictures of your amp I could find, your IEC receptacle is just like on my Luxman integrated. A normal 15 amp 3 conductor IEC plug will fit, but since there is no ground prong in the receptacle, nothing to connect and no modifications required. As erik_squires stated your amp is double insulated and does not need the chassis ground. 
Using a 3 prong plug will preserve the Neutral vs Load polarity since it can only be plugged in one way. Some two prong cords are not polarized (with one wider prong), and can be plugged in either way. That might be part of the reason for the caution regarding cord substitution.