Tally up best preamplifier ever

We have seen so many threads on what is the best preamplifier ever, but the responses end up in paragraph form as a result making it hard to get a good accessment of which preamplifier gets mentioned most or more often, which is ok, but let us see if we can get a thread going that will make it easy to tally up which preamplifier gets the most votes as the best preamplifier............. We all have different tastes let's keep in mind that the diversity is a plus and there is no need to make this a personal crusade................ I think most of us would like to see a genuinely accurate picture of which is the best preamplifier. I don't like to live by rules but if I may suggest let's keep the response limited to just the name of the preamplifier company and model name or number. Every now and then we can get a score card showing the results. I would like to start off with what I consider the best preamplifier: .............. hovland hp200
VAC Signature Mk2a. There is a current review by Dagogo. Importantly, it doesn't require specific amps or speakers to do its job exceptionally well. A Statement piece.
After many actives and many passives, the Lightspeed Attenuator - though single source only and no gain. And all of $450!. I am curious about The Truth preamp though.
I have heard many nice pre amps and i would like to own them all if i had the money.

ML 32 (not in my set)
ARC (in my set)
Nagra ( especially on higher volumes ,on low volume a bit lean, currently)

The one that jumped out even on low volume with tonal colours and resolution , although not in my one set and maybe not completely neutral after a while

Zanden model 3000
Wyetech Opal. Owners almost never sell them; that should tell you something. Legacy product, will pass on to my kids.

I find it amazing that no one mentioned Ayre's M series, or even the K series