Tandberg TR-2080 FM STEREO lights up ?

Just bought this, does the FM STEREO (red) letters (above the 88-108 numbers, about in the center) light up when an FM station is centered ? It is red, but it doesn't get any brighter when a station is picked up, wondering if it's supposed to.
I have read that the FM STEREO light bulb screws in, and there is also a dial indicator light that solders in...another project !
The "FM Stereo" light will only illuminate if you've picked up an FM Stereo station with sufficient strength for it to be received as stereo. If you have poor signal strength, it may pick up the station but revert to mono, and that light won't illuminate.

If you have confidence that by location, antenna or some combination you are receiving stereo FM stations with plenty of signal, then the bulb isn't working or the circuit that drives it has a problem, or both. The centered-channel indicator is separate.

That's good to know...

By Centered Channel Indicator, is that the meter to the left ?

I have read that the FM STEREO light is a screw in bulb...which I may need...we have a station here that could be picked up in a steel vault...

Can I get to that screw in bulb if I take the cover(s) off ?
(6 screws, back-top metal plate, top wood panel, front-top metal edge/90 degree. I can do that much, but don't want to take it any more apart than that !

Man, I am dreading taking the cover off again...
Not uncommon for that bulb on the tr-2080 to be quirky. Mine was mostly out for years but on occasion (usually after a cleaning) would decide to come on briefly and then go out again. I think it has to do with deposits on a contact somewhere internally but that is just an educated guess.

I had other bulbs simply go out after a while as well and need replacing. I had my Tandberg tr-2080 for about 25 years. It was a wonderful unit, particularly the amp and tuner sections, and I do miss it!
Still wondering if it's worth the 'cover hassle' to put a light bulb in...just in case anyone knows...maybe I'll call the Tandberg guy in Queens again...forgot his name...