Tara Labs The One SC and Avalon Speaker

Who have experience to use Tara Labs The One speaker cable in Avalon speaker? I’m very interest to get this cable for my Ascendant II to replace my NeoTech NES-3005 SC. My existing NES-3005 is considering an entry level SC, must have big difference with The One, but not sure how much difference because unable to compare it.
Hi, Are you talking about internal speaker wireing? or the Taralabs The One speaker cables? cheers!
Its hard to tell what you will like in your system given all of the variables. I have The Two in one of my systems and like it very much. They seem to work well with a wide range of equipment. I'm almost positive that The Cable Co has these cables in stock to lend out. Given the cost of The One, it would be a very smart move to take advantage of their lending program. I've been doing business with them for years, and can tell you that they are great to do business with. Very reputable.
@ Mm662,, Hi, I have never owned Avalon speakers, However, I have used Taralabs The one speaker cables on the Avalon Edilon speakers extensivly!, They were a great match!, I used the speaker cables to do listening sessions on the Avalon speakers for hours a day, for about two weeks, the out come was better than the mit cables that was being used at the time that costed way more money than the Taralabs the one did!,BTW, I own the one interconnects and the speaker cables now!, Those cables are used for a second system!,, cheers!
"07-06-13: Johnsonwu
cables cost more than speakers, reality check."

I agree. When that happens, its time to buy new speakers.
Johnsonwu and ZD542. A reality check is always a good thing. An analysis of one's system to try to identify the weakest link is always a good approach. In general, I agree with what you said. IC's, power cords, and speaker cables were the last part of my system to be addressed, and in doing so, I have avoided products retailing at atmospheric prices.
If I spent the money on one of the Taras to replace what I currently have, would I be willing to take it back out of the system? I can't know the answer to that question without giving it a try. A year ago, I had a total of $700 invested in power cords. A friend lent me 4 of his VH Audio airlines for a week while he was on vacation. I knew within 5 minutes I couldn't live without these power cords. Now, I have $6200 invested in power cords and it was some of the best money I have ever spent. The money I spent on those power cords was just a bit more than I spent for my new preamp. The magnitude of improvement was on the same level for these two investments.
The next time my friend was away he lent me a Nordost baldur to compare with my Mogami IC. The Nordost was better, but not much. I am slow to dismiss the enthusiasm some have expressed recently for the Tara products, because I have not tried them. I may run the experiment some day with the Taras. That won't be today, but I'm not going to rain on someone else's parade either. My recent experience suggests keeping an open mind and running the experiment is the way to answer the question.

I think you may have taken my post the wrong way. You don't owe me, or anyone else, an explanation or justification for anything you do. Enjoying your system and the music is the only thing that matters here. I don't keep track of how much anyone spends on equipment. Its really none of my business. If you are happy with whatever you have, as a fellow audiophile I say job well done.
@ Brownsfan, Hi, I have been told alot of great feedbacks on the VH Audio products, One of my ag mamber friends recommended them!, I have never listened to their products, However, I told him recently That I just bought the Taralabs cobalt power cord with the up-graded factory oyaide plugs, He said, man, you do not wast no time with other cables do you?, you went straight to the top!, my only response was, I hate loosing money selling what I do not want!, why not get the power cord that is suppose to be one of the best available today?, He agreed!,, about the op here, his avalon speakers are pricey!, The Taralabs the one speaker cables are resolving warm sounding cables, very well balanced, real good sound stage to them, yes they are a little pricey cables, my story above is in relation to the op!, why wast time on inferrior cheaper cables only to have to go thru the hassels of selling them and loosing money!, get whats very good the first time, that way you may live with them a few years, till you move up the Taralabs cable food chain, and thats if you feel that there is a need!,, cheers!
@ Brownsfan, I took a peek at the VH Audio site!, I liked what I saw!, Congrats on a very good choice on the sine a/c power cord, I believe it may be the best $800.00 6ft retail power cord in the market place!, great company to boot!,,, cheers!
@ Mm662, Hi, Where are you?, Are you going to go for the Taralabs The one speaker cables?,, Cheers!
I sold Avalon for over 6 years. One thing I know 100% sure. MIT never will be the best option. Why? Very simple: Avalon and MIT both give a wide and deep stage. But both lack individual focus of instruments and voices. I recently sold an Oak from Audioquest to a client with Avalon. It was the best and first time I listend to a Avalon with a very good individual focus of instruments and voices. And the stage is still very deep and wide. Instruments and voices are very small and direct to point out. This you need for a good balanced sound in your set. The most common problem is that voices and instruments are played too big in proportion. Many cables have this irritating flaw.
Funny you say that Bo1972! A friend of mine has the Avalons (I cant remember which model) and though the sound was good I always thought the image sizes were all wrong. The vocals sounded like it was coming from a giant's mouth!
A friend of mine had a small concert room for about 60 people with a Steinway wing. Here I learned how small and direct voices and instruments sounds in real. I loved the intimate sound. Like the music is so much closer to you. I hope to do more audio shows in the future. So I can let people hear 3 dimensional sound with a very touchable image and black to die for. Many people make the same faults. Wenn you don't know, you do not understand what is wrong. Wenn the image is more intimate, music becomes also more emotional. That is why I say: wenn instruments and voices are played too big the distance between you and the music becomes bigger. So there will be less emotion and invlovement.
I just want to know how's the Tara Labs The One speaker cable work on my Avalon speaker. Since my Avalon is a 2nd hand speaker (but mint condition), and a new The One SC is very expensive for me, I think I will only buy this in 2nd hand market. However, I just heard a friend said The One is very hard (not the sound, but the speaker itself), it may not suitable and convenient for small listening area (My living room is very small).

I don’t know why nobody talk about Inakustik LS-1603 in here, there are many good comment about this speaker cable in my region (but unfortunately no LS-1603 user are using Avalon speaker), a new LS-1603 SC price is about USD 1700 to 1800, check this link:

In-akustik makes good speakercabels, not excellent speaker cables. Audioquest is by far the best in blacks. This part is very important for a 3d and touchabel image. focus is the most weakest point of Avalon speakers. You need to use the right cables to solve this issue.
@ Mm662, I own a pair of the Taralabs The one speaker cables for my second system!, The One will be an awsome set of sound for your avalon speakers!, they are very flexible at that!, I have posted to you that the avalon edilon speakers sounded the best I ever heard a pair with the Taralabs the one speaker cables and the one interconnects, these will out perform alot of cables on the market period!, and in their price point, well!, I do not know of eany thing out there that does what these cables can do!, sure there is better!, try triple the cost!, how do I know?, As I said before, I own everything Taralabs best cables now!,, regarless of what is said, you asked about the Taralabs the one cables, for there price, you would have no regrets!, get the cables!,, cheers!
Hi Bo1972
Which speaker cable and model you'll suggest to improve Avalon’s weak point (Increase focus, 3D stage and touchable)?

Hi Audiolabyrinth
I heard The One SC are very hard because of the material it use, it can be difficult to handle in a small listening area. Is it true?
@ Mm662,, Hi, They are not no small girth cable, however,I will say that the statement is not true!, they are very good in a small area!, My the one cables are 6ft pair, I have no problems useing them!, They come with spades and banannas,, the cool thing is, they screw on and off the ends of the cables!, cheers!
The Oak from Audioquest is an exeptional good cable for Avalon. I never heard any cable in this price tag to give such a 3d touchable image with stunning blacks as well. At this moment there is no other brand who can do this with this precision. I recently sold this to a Avalon owner. For the first time I heard a very good individual focus of instruments and voices. He had a MIT what cost 2 times as much as this cable. It was inferior in every part you Judge a cable for.
@ Bo1972, mmmm!, I am sure audioquest is what you say!, In the same tolken, there is no other brand that is as good as Taralabs best cables that I own!, I have listened to nordost odin, and some people may like that better, On my system, The Taralabs was the end game, very real sounding indeed! cheers!
Odin does not have the blacks and sharp individual focus and the 3d stunning image. Also the stage is not that wide and deep as Audioquest can. And I know where I am talking about. I did own the Valhalla for over 12 years. And I did hundreds of tests with Nordost. I hope to give demo's in the US as well. I want to do it with those tools ( products) which will give me the best results. I am only interested in letting people hear the best overwhole sound. For less I will not do it!
@ Mm662,, So, What are you going to buy The Taralabs The one speaker cables?,, cheers!
Maybe it hurt some The One's fans in here, finally I bought the Inakustik LS-1603. I have a very good offer, I can get a brand new LS-1603 at a very good price. For this price, I can only get a 2nd hand (or maybe be hand) The One. I heard so many good things about this German speaker cable in my region, so finally I decide to take it. So far this LS-1603 was running about 10 to 12 hours. Here are my comments on this new cable:

My LS-1603 has very high analytic capability, very wide sound stage, full of energy and power, superior precise timbre and tone color, extremely transparence and 3D sound stage, very musical and very dark and quiet background. It does not show very big difference if I pay some music which is play by very few musical instruments, but as more musical instruments to use in a song, the more difference I can hear with my Neotech NES-3005 UP-OCC copper speaker cable. For vocal, it is more transparence and focus than my Neotech.

Since this speaker is still very new, I’m still trying to observe the changing of this new cable, see what will be happened later.
Congrats Mm622, If you ever want to know eanything about Taralabs, Look me up on Audiogon, cheers!