Tascam CD-RW 5000 recorder

hello I'm considering this to replace my pioneer PDR W739 with I read in the manual that automatic track synchronization is only available from digital sources is this correct? Was wondering which way would sound better? feeding my GNSC statement modified Wadia 861 player balanced analogue output into the recorder or by feeding the AES/EBU balanced digital output into the recorder? I really want individuals tracks just like on the CD I'm recording from has and manually putting in the tracks starting point is not desirable want it automatically done somehow will the Tascam accomplish this? The Pioneer gets the tracks correct on some discs and some it doesn't like Zeppelin 1 got 4 tracks should have been 9
Test it first; they had software issues in some models. I have read they might not read newer CDR discs; ie, 16x, 24x and so on. I bought one cheap and had all sorts of problems. I would only buy one of these used from a reputable pro audio dealer that could demonstrate it/train me or from a private party with the same caveats.