TD-160 tweak questions

Hi I just got a TD-160, its in great shape, came in original box manual wanted to get some advice on the tweaks I'm going to put into it. I am in college So the budget is fairly small.

1.rewiring the tone arm and replacing the cartridge - for the new cartridge I am debating between the ortofon 2m blue(though I would have to drill the headshell I heard it on a td-160 and loved how it sounded) and the nagaoka mp-150. Does anyone have any experience with these? are they fairly durable and something I can expect a long life out of it? Next I want to know if its a wise idea to bypass the headshell adapter and just have a continuous wire to where the rca connection meets? and what gauge wires would be best for that sort of project? Also I have noticed a lot of replacement rca cables use whats called a DIN adapter. is it a good idea to rewire the termination of the tonearm wire to one of those, and is there a standard DIN adapter used for wiring tone arms. I have seen a cardas adapter on ebay but I am not sure if it will work. plus do you guys have any other tips for rewiring the cable that may be helpful?

2. I am also looking for a good place to find thorens parts other than ebay. I heard that they still make parts for old units in germany but that could be hearsay. does anyone know a good dealer in germany or the eu that speaks english and is willing to ship overseas?

3. is it possible to resurface a dust cover? my friends father who introduced me to thorens 160s cover could use some work and the cheapest we have found new ones is 120. is there a solution that will fill the scratches and rub out?

4.I am also looking for some advice on weather I should convert it to external power or just upgrade the cord to a 3 prong iec. Are there good standard kits out there? and what is a good budget for one?

5. What type of wood is on the plinth(i think that is the right word)? I am looking to strip it and re-stain it but want practice on other samples so I know how the finished result will look.

Thank you for reading I look forward to your responses.
kojima will find a lot of vintage Thorens related info at this site with specific info on how to tweak/rebuild many vintage Thorens tts, including the TD160. Hope this helps:
I am going to help you. Though I am still nursing my morning coffee and as I look at all your question...I'm getting a headache. LOL.

1 - Rewire straight from tone arm to RCA plugs. It just makes it easier to pick cables you like later on. DIN is ok but somewhat limited in cables choices. ItÂ’s always a better idea to have a continuous run of wire if possible. Try to limit break points when you decide how you want to rewire. Drill holes, no problem. Gauge can vary from 28 min to 32-36. Your choice. The best wire is from Origin Live. It is a little expensive, but you will NEVER need to think about changing it. I forget exactly but I ordered 2 feet and it was little over 100 dollars or so for all 4 runs. Something like that. I can direct you if you like.

2 - Rewiring the power cord is your option. We can go on and on about replacement cords and their advantages. It would make it easier to have a removable cord though.

3 - They sell headlight plastic refurbishing disks at auto stores. They work really well for light scratches and dull appearance. You attach them to a high speed drill (preferably electric not cordless). BUT BE VERY CAREFULL OR YOU WILL BURN THE PLATIC!! This will require practice on spare plastic. DONT SKIMP HERE IF YOU TRY THIS.

One of the biggest tweaks you can do is apply sound deadener (like the kind you can put in car doors for resonance control) inside the plinth body. Killing resonance is the key to good analog reproduction.

Now I have to stop to take a few sips. BRB in a few.