Tech for cartridge and tonearm instillation Los Angeles Area

I would like to know if there are any recommendations for a shop or private tec, in the Los Angeles/ O.C. areas that is professional and experienced in installing tonearm and cartridge, im willing to drive a 50mi radius to have this done right?
Yep, Berdan's the man. His shop is named Audio Elements, one block off Colorado Blvd.
Other than Brian there is also Elliot @ Acoustic Image (Studio City).

As a bonus, both Brian and Elliot are very nice people. I can't vouch for Elliot as a turntable technician, as I purchased only amplifiers from him. He had a store front at the time, but I believe he now retails out of his home. Brian has a dedicated turntable workspace, with all the high-tech tools needed for assembly, adjustment, and optimization of tables, arms, and pickups. He was trained by his Pa, the well-known analog expert Brooks Berdan (R.I.P.).