Technician in New Jersey needed

Hi,I am looking for a technician in New Jersey that is very good with soldering in case I pop a tube on my cat amps and need someone to solder a new resistor pack in the amp,of course a fee for sevices is fine.I am about to start trying some original tung sol 6550s and I want to cover myself with the amp in case it has a problem.

Robert, perhaps a little farther away from you than you may wish is one of the best tube electronics technicians on the east coast:

Bob Backert
Churchville, PA

Highly recommended by many members of the Philadephia Area Audio Group for whom he's done repairs and modifications.
Rushton,thank you so much for the information.I will call him today,superior amps but you need a plan b with them,especially now that I am going to introduce some nos tung sol 6550s to them.