A Visit to Vu Jade' Audio in New Jersey

I took advantage of a week end and drove to Vu Jade' Audio, a small operation, based in New Jersey that has been working on sonic perfection for many years in the process.

I met Pete, his wonderful wife Kathy, son Zach, business partner, designer/engineer Karl and two other hard-core audiophile friends Bob and Frank.

When I entered, I was rewarded with DIY and modified equipment everywhere in the room, I was slightly overwhelmed to say the least, but what happened next was the most interesting event I experienced.

Mind you, there was no room treatment, fancy cables, special racks or anything, just the equipment and basics to hook things together for sound.

At first, I thought to myself, you have to be kidding, sound in a room like this??

That's until the first few notes hit the older Vandersteen 5 speakers from a small, slightly modified Counterpoint amp, their Vu Jade' 6SN7 line stage preamp, an old Audiomeca CD player into their Vu Jade' DHT Dac.

After that first few minutes, I stared into the front wall, realizing this is like being in live concert hall, Bob, Frank and I stared at each other in silence, not knowing what to say, we just sat there.

Then, Pete said, "okay, let's change this Dacs power supply caps and lower the resistor voltage to the tubes and see what happens."

This is where I became the equipment swapper/hauler!  Shut down, unplug, move this and that to the back room for Karl to work on, haul back into the listening room, place on shelf, plug and hit play, we did this for over 5 hours!

We evaluated each and every change, carefully listened for better or worse, or no change at all, it was laborious, but a very fun, interesting learning experience. 

This was "only" a two-day regiment for myself, Pete and Karl have been doing this for years!

These two are really onto some very serious stuff here, the resulting sound was more real than I ever experienced.

Anyone interested in further info can contact them here: https://www.vujadeaudio.com/

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An update to the website is in the works, they're finalizing faceplate and some minor chassis designs, good catch!
I love reading stories like the experience that you had with this dealer/retailer.  We need more modders of  gear in this hobby.Now that is what I am talking about!  Happy Listening!
The Vandy 5's are bone stock, but what a sound coming through.

You guys really owe yourself an audition of this stuff, it's off the charts.

I made Pete aware of website update photos, coming soon.
Buyer beware when buying used equipment from VU Audio aka bigkidz. He misrepresents his equipment so you must fully understand what he is offering. If you are not an expert dont buy from him.

You came to my home twice to audition the speakers. You decided to purchase them at almost half of my asking price. After seven months, that is correct, 7 months and you text me to say that you did not get the Vandersteen branded filters. The filters you received as I told you were custom made filters using better parts quality then the Vandersteen filters. I showed you the filters, pointed out that they needed to be set to match your amp, gave you the manual and helped you load them into your vehicle. I told you that if you needed any help setting things up to call me. Again, seven months later you send me a text to say, hey these are not Vandersteen filters. I text you back almost immediately and ask what you want me to do. You say I want the Vandersteen branded filters or I want to return them. I tell you to return them. You never did return them. So you tell me you are going to sue me. We go to small claims court and you try to say that you purchased brand new Vandersteen filters and you want me to pay for them a little over $1300. You would not have received brand new Vandersteen filters with the purchase of used speakers that are twenty years old. You negotiated the purchase price on my speakers based upon you seeing and hearing them in my home. The same filters were used for you to audition them as I do not own Vandersteen branded filters. The filters were built and compared to a friends Vandersteen branded filters and the ones you received were significantly better sounding period. They are point-to-point wired so no crummy circuit board to break, they use Amtrans resistors and have Clarity caps installed where Vandersteen uses WIMA cheap capacitors. They are the same parts values as the Vandersteen branded filters only much better parts quality.

So we go to small claims court this past week. You tell the judge that you did not return them because that would require special equipment. WOW really? We used a hand truck to get them from my door, down my driveway and into your vehicle. That is sure special equipment. You want to settle the case by me taking back the speakers now. Sorry you had your chance to do so but you wanted me to come and get them. You tell the judge that you purchased the speakers because of my reputation and feedback. 100 percent everywhere. I can take your negative feedback off of Audiogon because I sent them the court judgement and they agreed that since you paid cash and the sale was seven month ago you do not get to return the speakers. I left the negative feedback on Audiogon because that is how much I am trusted on this site.

Now you are trying to discredit me again. The guy who came to my home and who posted this thread asked Audiogon to take your post off because he knows all about the sale.

The funny thing is that when he came to my home to hear the equipment my partner and I manufacturer, he was floored by the sound. It was exactly what you heard before my CDP and amp broke you did not get to hear the full potential but you heard the system and after two visits purchased the speakers. In court you said it came down to two Vandersteen speakers but the other ones did not come with the filters. Yep, those speakers were selling for over $6,000 and you got the ones that I sold to you for one third the price.

Since you posted here, look at CAF links where our products won best of show. So know that the filters were used at one of the shows also.

You take me to court and the judge decides that your claim is not warranted and he awards the judgement to me. So you lost in court. You then threaten to take me to civil court. And now you pull this crap to try to discredit me again. I emailed Audiogon so that your post on this thread stays up along with mine. You got a great pair of speakers below the price that you will find them anywhere else. If you are so bent on getting Vandersteen filters, there are plenty for sales used all the time. But beware, they will not sound better. Even ask Richard Vandersteen if after twenty years if the filters are better sounding then the ones that are twenty years ago. He will tell you that you will have to compare them for yourself to see if they make a difference, so he does not even know if the newer versions are better. Probably because the filters are still using WIMA capacitors and cheap resistors. Parts costs are about $128 from Parts Connexion without the cable or box!

The only difference between you and me is that I have the balls to let you know that I commented about you.

So in summary, EVERYONE HERE VIEWING THIS THREAD, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT do business with a016547 ever, and I mean ever. He will try to discredit you and if he does not get his way, he will then take you to court and post on threads without you knowing that he is doing this to discredit you.

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