Technics 1200 MKII modifications and noob help

Hi first post new audiophile and still learning the ropes. I got into vinyl this year and have amassed a small collection mostly pink floyd and rolling stones stuff. and right now I am running an SL-1200 MKII that I'm very happy with it so far and I'm looking to eventually get a tube amp and upgrade the table to get a little more out of it. tonight I was stumbling across something and saw a guber(japanese site I don't read japanese so best I can do is guess) turntable with a glass platter, and from some Ive heard from some audiophiles say that it is better for the record, is that true? also are there any known pre-made glass platters for the 1200mk2 or any that can be easily made to fit(I can see where it would have to be around the same weight for proper tracking) and I also heard some praise for rega tone arms, the last thing I know I wanted to replace was the output cords and I was wondering what gauge rca cords I should look for and recommendations. anything else it would be beneficial to the sound to look into modifying?
Best solution for the SL1200 is to buy the Boston Audio Mat1 (225 $USD) and to put it on the rubber standard Technics mat
Increase thickness only 3mm. but the sound improves magically
You should look at All this guy does is Tech 12 mods and they're very well regarded. The site is in english too.
Welcome. As a Technics owner myself, I'd suggest you look into KAB Electroacoustics. See link below. Kevin specializes in mods for Technics turntables. Good luck.
I owned the Kabusa silicone Damper and I still use the Kabusa rubber clamp on my SL1210 .. another two magical tweeks without any doubt!
The alloy platter can work just fine; it just benefits from a better mat that dampens the platter more and isolates the record better. The cheapest fix is to get KAB's Supermat, the original Technics mat which weighs over a pound and is only about $20. Besides the mats mentioned here, owners have reported good results with the Iron Audio, the SoundSteel one, and the Herbie's Way Excellent Mat.

I use a discontinued Oracle Groove Isolator heavy sorbothane (NOT sorbothane gell) mat with good results.

I also use the KAB fluid damper, threaded brass cones instead of the stock feet, situate the TT on a thick butcher block cutting board, and place silicon gel pads under the cutting board.

Several users/owners (including me) really like the Sumiko or LP Gear Zupreme headshell at $40-50. It has better lead wires and tags, the headshell is more rigid and non-resonant, and it enables you to adjust the azimuth.

The extra weight of these headshells makes an ideal pairing with several cartridges with a compliance around 11-15, such as the Denon DL-110 or 160, Denon DL-301 or 304, and Audio-Technica AT150MLX or AT OC9.

I'm running an AT150MLX mounted on an LPGear ZuPreme headshell and couldn't be happier. It's the longest I've gone with a single cart/headshell combination since I got the turntable not quite 2 yrs ago.
I bought the Sumiko headshell but haven't used yet because I'm getting optimal results with the standard headshell and a Grado Statement Master .. but I 'll try the Sumiko
11-27-08: Curio
I bought the Sumiko headshell but haven't used yet because I'm getting optimal results with the standard headshell and a Grado Statement Master .. but I 'll try the Sumiko.
Here's another thought: Since you have a wood-bodied cartridge, maybe you should try a wood-bodied Yamamoto headshell. They have several, and made of several different woods, and at different weights.

Another thought is, if you're happy with your current setup, don't mess with it. Save your Sumiko for when you have a lower-compliance cartridge. The Sumiko weighs about 4g more than the stock Technics shell.