Technics 3200 to Marshall Stanmore

I need some help I have a great old turntable Technics 3200 which used to be connected to simple speakers through
a receiver which was fine.
Now I have a beautiful new Bluetooth Marshall Stanmore speaker and I don't know how to connect it to my old school turntable.
I was told I may need a certain amplifier (to replace the old receiver)  and maybe a Bluetooth dongle/trasmeter.

If any one can break it down for me, prices, where to get and what.
That will be great.
You need a phono preamp between your TT and your all in one Marshall speaker system.  Because a phono stage is the one thing your Marshall doesn't have.  Phono preamps start at around 50 bucks up to 5 figures.

Connect the two RCA leads and ground wire from your TT into the phono preamp inputs and ground terminal.  Then run a pair of RCA leads from the preamp into the analog inputs of your Marshall.  That simple.
Thank you :) 
but I'm looking for a way to connect the TT to the Marshall speaker wirelessly over bluetooth.
Any input on that? :)
Here is a simple Bluetooth transmitter,

however, you cannot connect the turntable to this directly. You still need the phono preamp.

Turntable > Phono Preamp > Transmitter

No way to connect the turntable directly. Why don't you try to do it with the transmitter? It would be easy. By the way, great choice of the speaker, but if I were you I'd still go with portable Marshalls