technics sp 15

I just picked up this really nice turntable at the fleamarket for a ridiculously low price. Took it home and everything seems to work out fine except that it does not have connections for the speakers or I just cannot find them. Need help here. Thnx


That SP15 is a terrific turntable, it's specs beat many of the best TTs made today, scroll near the bottom of this list.

It is simply a spinner, you need a separate tonearm, with a cartridge and the bottom of the tonearm will have concealed connections for a phono cable to go to a phono equalizer in a preamp.

If you like it's looks, you would need to find/buy a Technics base, buy a tonearm and cartridge.

here's one

a. in a technics base made for the SP10 and/or SP15 models

b. with a dust cover (came with the technics base)

c. separate tonearm with cartridge (chosen by former owner)

Did it come in a technics base?

dust cover?

hole for tonearm?

separate removable board in the tonearm hole?

various round tonearm mounting boards fit the hole, because various tonearms require cutouts of specific shapes.

...................................... none for sale now, they pop up from time to time, this one was sold, just to show you

thnx all. the turntable came with the appropriate base and tonearm. It did not have the cartridge or the connector to the receiver/preamp. paid $5 bucks for it!

i guess i did not make myself clear. the only wire coming out of the turntable is the connection to electricity .  there are no wires coming out.  zip nada. i think that there must be a connector from where the tonearm sits to the receiver. i see like 5 pins.

Look @ the bottom of the deck for a hole located below the base of the tonearm to see what type of connector (RCA times 2 or a single DIN) is needed.

Unlikely, but there could be a junction plate requiring soldering the new cable. 



thnx ,yes that is where I saw what could be 4 or 5 pins that could connect to a plug or something similar. I will check what tone arm it has a track down a connector.

You need a DIN female plug with appropriate holes attached to the end of a two-channel cable with RCA connectors at the other end, along with a separate wire with a spade connector for grounding to a phonostage/preamp.

Jason ,you hit it right on! Thnx ,now the hunt to find the the plug with the rca connectors. Hopefully ,it works like its reputed ability and i will be one happy dude!

I hope I'm not the only person confused by this post.  I'm not familiar with this turntable -- is the OP saying the only cord attached to the base of the plinth is the power cord?  No Ground Wire or Two RCA Jacks coming out of the turntable guts?  I don't think I've ever seen a turntable built during the SP-15 era (1979 to 1988) that didn't have RCA jacks, a Ground Wire, and a Power Cord attached.  Learn something new every day.

$5.....and all this missing is a cart(ridge)....?!

@meerkat ....if it wasn’t for the fiver, you stole it. ;) +10 to the tenth...

Now, spend what It Could Have cost, and treat it to a nice cart....and enjoy.

(...spied a pair of KEF C45s’ at my local Habit-tat....decent shape, nothing but dust, drivers seem solid....going to go back with leads and battery, give ’em the ’clic’ test.

Shop needs a ’new pair of sumptin’ for the CDs’ and the cell streams....

...and $15 the pair....rated to 100 w., so they can’t blow them up immediately...*L*)

Something to compete with sanders, routers, saws, ennui... ;)

...there is also pair of Kenwood 4ways, 12" woofs, comes with the 'classy' front 'diamonds' grilles....but a 95/pr., let some other mortal 'make his day'...

Don't kvetch, runs a 'better' Sony receiver with an SAE parametric, Technics CD carousel...

I 'fly' the speakers, so they don't collect anything but sawdust....

.....but that's an excellent reason to play them😏

( That, and a pair of woofs, low-passed onto the B outs could sub the stuff in an 'adequate frisson'... *S* )

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A happy ending to my newly found turntable. I saw something about Bob doing custom jobs for audiophiles. Somehow, I found a website on him and sent him a email. He responds and is helpful from the start. He offers to send me the plug and go from there. I give him my address and my good luck he has moved to my city. We connect and he comes over to my house and figures out what I need. Next day he makes some cables for me,provides a headshell and cartridge perfect for my turntable. All this for a very reasonable price. Bob Devices is my buddy from here on!