Technics SLG700 vs Arcam ST60

Good morning everyone,

For some time now I have been considering to changing my old Marantz NA8005 Network streamer.

I listen exclusively flac files generally in high resolution from one of my SSD disks so I am not interested in streaming services and I'am not intersting about CD transport becouse I do not need it.

From a tonal point of view I would like to keep the same warm sound as my Marantz but I like to have a higher quality product.

I have already listened the Marantz ND8006 and it was not bad, but I would like something better maybe even spending a little more if it is necessary.

At the moment my interest is focus on these two players:

1) Technics SLG700
2) Arcam ST60

Initially the second player (Arcam) I 'd not really considered for two reasons:

1) The price range seems to me the same as Marantz so I don't know if it will sound better.
2) I am not aware that the Arcam has a warm sound with deep bass, but rather open with rather shallow bass (or at least this was the 'setting of players several years ago)

Later looking at some reviews I read very strange things such as the fact that according to one reviewer the Arcam ST60 can hold its own against the Technics SLG700 and on some points even surpass it.

Hard to believe since we are talking about a product that costs twice as much.

In addition, several reviewers of the Arcam ST60 speak of a fairly warm sound and deep bass, so I do not think they are referring to the sound of the Arcam as I remember it. Perhaps the new models have a different tonal setting than the earlier ones.

Does anyone have experience on these players including also some Marantz players ?

Thank you !


I really dislike the Arcam house sound.  Listen before you buy.  Their reliability and customer support is bad as well. Budget?

1200 / 2000 Euro, however I can consider some Ex demo that generrally offer a good alternative.