Technics SP-10mkII replacement screws?

I recently purchased a complete? SP-10mkII with the obsidian base and the original arm board. When it arrived the hinges and all the screws to install the motor, armboard and hinges were missing. Would anyone be able to help with the original screw sizes involved in installing these parts? The manual is not specific on this. I need the screw types, the diameters, the thread sizes and the lengths for each application. I guess they are metric being made in Japan.

If someone has some information as to what can be done about replacing or substituting the hinges that information would also be very helpfull.
If you register at Vinyl Engine you can download the service manual for the SP-10 Mk2, and hopefully for whichever model you have for the Obsidian plinth (they made three). Those should identify pitch and size for all screws, then it is only a trip to a good hardware store or on-line source.

And no, about the only thing for any SP-10 at KAB is the Technics bearing oil.
I found the service manuals only identify the screws by technics part # which of course are not in stock.
You might want to contact one of the plinth makers for the SP 10 as the SP 10 has to be bolted to their respective plinths (OMA,Albert Porter,Artisian Audio,Steve Dobbins).
Jonathan Weiss of OMA for sure knows because he ships all required hardware with his slate plinths. His email address is on the OMA website.
No guessing. All the threaded holes that are placed at intervals around the periphery of the underside of the chassis, so as to affix it to a plinth, are M5. That is, 5mm (metric) thread. You just need to choose a length to suit your plinth.

What else do you want to know?