Tekton KatzMeowV3 or Zu Superfly/Essence?

I'm very familiar with the Zu sound having owned some in the past. Thinking of going back to a Zu speaker but have noticed a lot of interest as of late in Tekton's designs as well. Has anyone ever had the opportunity to compare the KatzMeow with either the Zu Soul Superfly or Zu Essence as these would be the 3 I'd probably consider. Thanks for any useful inputs.
Wow, good question. I'd be surprised if you'll find anyone who has heard either Zu and the Katz. I have the 2010 version of the Katz, and I know you used to own Souls or Superflys. You're right down the road from me so you are welcome to come have a listen to my older Katz, might want to contact Eric at Tekton to see how mine compare with the current Katz V3.
btw: I bought those big ass Klipschorns from you a couple of years ago if you remember. I live north of Austin.
I used to have Tekton Lore and Zu omen and I prefer the Zu much better. I sold both and replaced them with Tannoy Turnberry and never look back.
I used to own the Zu Essence. After that, I strongly considered a couple from Tekton. I hear nothing but wonderful things of his designs. Long story short, I had Louis at Omega make a pair of his single driver hemp speakers. I am VERY pleased. Give Louis a call...
I agree with you Devilboy that Louis from Omega makes great speakers and he doesn't get nearly enough credit and his speakers should be given strong consideration. He is a low key and deserves accolades for his excellent products.
Guppy: Absolutely, and these aren't even broken in yet. I understand the drivers need 200 hours to really shine. I'm about 50 hours in and they are wonderful. I wish I found them thousands of dollars ago.

I also would like to hear of a comparison of the Tekton to the Zu line.

I like the way Tekton gives you an optional grill, a traditional size cabinet, a satin finish (unlike Zu Audio's textured finish), and lets you upgrade to a premium finish at a budget price (something Zu is not doing). But lets face it, they must sound good in your system also.

I have the Zu Druids (which I love) and some Zu Soul Superflys. The Superfly's for me and my system, were a little bit less warm and brighter sounding over the Druids than I would have liked, but very similar sounding. I could probably add some slightly more detailed brighter/forward sounding interconnects to my Druids to come close to the sound of the Soul Superfly Speakers. The Superfly's by the way did image a little better than the Druids did though.

The pricing and options of the Tektons make them seem like a superior alternative to the Zu speakers, but what about the sound in comparison?

What about the sound of Zu Omen to the Tekton KatzMeow? One audiphile just informed me that the Zu Soul seemed warmer and darker than the Tektons and for that he prefers the Tektons.

Personally, I find the Zu Omen plenty open in my system, so moving the sound more forward and detailed would probably be not to my liking. Especially since I did not like the Zu Soul Superfly as much as the Druids, as the Soul Superfly are significantly more open, clear, and detailed than the warmer sounding Druids. For some though, the more open sound will be great.

I will probably keep my Druids and install some Zen Matrix Reference interconnects if I want to open the sound up in a rich yet more tonally saturated open and detailed manner.
FYI, the Zu Soul Superfly is a wonderful sounding speaker. To put things into full context, to me the Zu Soul Superfly has great presence and has better soundstage and images a bit better than the Zu Druids and has more bass and detail without being at all harsh.

Also the midrange of the Zu Soul Superfly is still very warm and yet the overall sound true to Zu is very dynamic and quick. Also, the stories of the highly efficient Zu speakers lacking bass is for the most part, only true below 40 Hz. The mid bass presence is impressive.

However, with that same amp, and all other components the same, the slightly clearer and more extended Zu Soul Superfly was just a tad less warm and dark sounding as the Druids. Although the differences were not huge, I prefer the warmer druids myself since I on balance give preference to warm and dark. Obviously, many others, perhaps most, will find they prefer the Zu Soul Superfly as it produces some incredibly delicious sound.

The question remains though (assuming the audiphiles remark about preferring the Tektons as the Omens sounded to him warmer and darker than perhaps even an older different version of the current Tekton KatzMeow and he wasn't changing amps, cables, tubes, room, or even at a friends house), since the Soul Superfly with its high end wiring and crossover is probably a little more open than the budget Zu Soul with its pure copper wiring, how does the Superfly compare to the Tekton Katz Meow.
One last thing, it is a little ironic that I would reject the new Zu line for being a little too forward to me (I have a bright DAC, that may be the real issue other than personal preference), and the Reviewer of the Tekton KatzMeow rejected the new Zu line (Omen) for being a little too layed back (maybe he has some overly warm components).

I all fairness to Zu, three audiphile friends in town bought their new Omen speakers and all three kept them. One replaced his Sonus Fabers, another his Dalis, and the other some Dynaudios with the Omens.