Tekton Lore with ...?

I currently have tubes but want to go back to the ease of SS. So does anybody have recommendations for low powered SS integrated amps to run the Lores? So far, my short list includes...

Red Wine Sig 30.2 LFPV
Naim XS

...or I can go the other direction and try a Luxman L-505u just because I have wanted that amp for a while now but not sure if it would be a good match with high efficiency speakers.

Price range would be around $3000 used or under.
I just went from a 300b integrated to a Rega Brio-R with my Lore-S and couldn't be happier. Super musical, good detail, and a nice built in phono stage. Don't count it out just because of its lower price--definitely worth an audition.
Thanks for the suggestions so far. I am absolutely open to hybrid designs as well. I listen primarily to modern jazz, every subgenre of metal, and prog rock for the most part. I can't have something too relaxed due my affinity for heavy music but I do enjoy a natural sounding amplifier and one that not only can "rock" but also do my jazz listening much justice.
I have a second system i used it for home theater and stereo
when I switch to stereo I use a Primaluna Dialogue Two Integrated the sound is everything I want from a Amplifier.