Tekton Perfect SET vs Perfect SET 15

Anyone get a chance to compare the Tekton Perfect SET with the new Perfect SET 15? There are a lot of great reviews about the Tekton Perfect SET 12" and I was wondering if the 15" version was better or perhaps not as accurate with regard to Bass?

Any recommendations for either?


Didn't @teajay over at 6moons & hometheaterreview do that comparison?  If not, I'm sure he has some thoughts...
I have had both the PS and PS-15.  I still use the PS-15.  The lower xover point between the midrange array and woofer on the 15 suits my tastes better on the lower registers on vocals.  Note that I use a SET 300B with 7 watts of power and with this low power the 15 has better output and balance.  If you plan to use 30+ watts your mileage may vary.
Thank you, I thought perhaps the 12" driver would give better control. I reached out to Eric at Tekton and he recommended to 12" as I plan to be driving them with a SET Amp that puts out about 12W

Thanks for your help!


i'm very interested in getting a pair of these myself. was wondering how you would rate them musically?
Yuens my Ps 12 are are very musical with my art audio concierto amp Tube, they are very capable to exceed your expectation .....
Thanks - I have a SET amp that puts out at most 12W, do you think that the 12" drivers will deliver enough bass?
My guest 12w  is not enough, get a good ss amp if you want to hear more bass, my 45 watt tube art audio is just enough, my monoblock Norh amp 100w they bring the bass more alive...
Eric posted a YouTube video in this weekend stating that the 12” SET is meant for amps 8W or greater and 15” SET for amps with 8W or less.