Tekton Preview / Audition in Minneapolis

Hello everyone!  I'm intrigued by all the discussions around Tekton speakers.  But, there isn't a way to listen to a pair anywhere nearby.  I've messaged a few members who are in the area with Tektons to see if they would support an audition, but got no replies.  

So, I'm thinking about how to do it.  I'd be interested in the Double Impacts, or the Electron (mini Double Impacts).   I'd like to compare them to my existing speakers, B&W 803N.  Is anyone in MN also interested in the Tektons?  

My thought is that maybe I could order a set, set them up to audition next to my existing speakers, and invite others to listen as well.  Would anyone in the area be up for such a demo, and help me with the costs associated if we end up not liking them?  So, if you like them and want them, you can buy the pair I have, or order your own set.  If we don't like them, we send them back and share in the cost to send them back.  Would you be willing to contribute something to the return shipping if we send them back?  If we end up keeping them, we don't have any cost.   My interest would be to keep them if they are as good as people say.  I'll cover the up-front costs and deal with the return if necessary.

We could consider the DIs or Electrons or something else that's of interest to you.  My thinking is that the DIs are probably the better of the two, but may just be too imposing on my space.  If the Electrons are good enough (better than the 803s), based on size, those are the ones I'd choose.  But, if the DIs are that good, maybe I can see past the imposing size of them.  

So, who would be interested?  Reply here, or PM.

My associated equipment for the audition:
- Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP with EL34 tubes
- Musical Surroundings NOVA II phono preamp
- JVC VL8 turntable with Dynavector 10x5 cartridge
- good quality interconnects and speaker cables.


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@david_ten sorry I missed your reply.  I wanted to edit the other thread but couldn't so I deleted it.  Then, I saw part of your response in an email notification.  Can you reply here?
If I were anywhere near you, I'd participate.  I had the same idea but took no action posting it.   Kudos to you.  Good chance this idea may catch on as there are many of us who wish to experience Tektons.  Your plan spreads the price of returning them iand also the chore of unpacking, setting up and repacking for return if no one likes them enough to keep them.  The plan makes so much sense.  BTW, I'm also more intrested in the Electron (or Brilliance) over the DI.

Good luck
Thanks for the good karma!  I do have one person so far who's interested.  I'm not in a rush, so hopefully some others will find us, and we'll plan something in a few weeks.
I can tell you they sound much better in every way than my long loved B&W 804s if that helps any. I was surprised and continue to be amazed.
@bullitt5094 thanks for sharing that.  I noticed in another thread that you also had B&Ws.  I have 803N.  I know the 804s have less bass response than the 803s, based on number of drivers and the bigger cabinet.  Other than that, what difference do you hear in the DIs versus your 804s?
@soundermn   When I posted it said the thread had been removed. I'm glad I rechecked.

I think you have a good plan. If that doesn't work out or if you are unable to audition at a current owner's home, here's what I recommend:

Go with the Double Impact first, in the basic black finish. If for some reason it doesn't work for you or if you find you like it enough to consider an upgrade / custom color then the soft black finish should be easy to sell locally, since you live in a large metro area. There is much higher demand for the DI and the black color is ordered often.
Soundermn... I am about 3hrs north of you in vacation land. I have the same amp as you, so although I am happy with my system right now & not in a position to upgrade. I may be interested if timing & costs are right. It'd be fun to hear what the buzz is all about. Please keep me in the loop.
Thanks, K!  I will keep this thread active.  Assuming that I go forward, I will purchase a set, and will get them set up so they are well broken in before we start.  I'm thinking that David's suggestion is a good one to buy an upgraded set in a plain finish, since custom finishes are not returnable.  If I like them, I'd probably prefer to order another set for myself in a nicer finish, and hope to find someone who'd like the black ones.  That is, unless those who'd attend feel differently...
Where in Minneapolis do you live? Feel free to contact me off the forum if that is still possible.
Hi, guys.  It's been a couple of weeks, and I'm thinking it might be time to place an order.  Several have expressed interest, so we could be having a cool listening session in 3 to 5 weeks, depending on lead time.  I haven't called Eric yet, but will soon.  Please let me know if you have a specific question I should ask, or feel free to call him and let him know you have been in touch with me. 

I'm thinking of ordering the Double Impacts in black, with grilles.  If any of us wants to buy them, we can, at the normal price.  If I like them, I am inclined to order a custom color, so probably won't keep them.  If you are really serious, and want to try a custom color, let's chat before I order.

If you are more interested in a different speaker, like the Electron, please let me know and we can figure out the best way to place an order.  

Please confirm that you are still interested!  We will work out a time that's good for everyone, or even have more than one listening session.

@rja @icanskate @annika 
Soundermn, if you order from their specials page, you could get the DI's a lot faster. They have several DI's listed. Enjoy!

yes, still interested and I also think DI in black would be the way to go for ease of return if needed. 
Guys, I talked to Eric Alexander today. I'm getting close to placing an order. Couple things
- if we choose a standard color, we can get them in a few days. Like, blue, red, black, gray, etc. I could order tomorrow and they ship this week. 
- I can order black, and they ship tomorrow. 
- I definitely will order the upgrade version. 
- if we buy now and later want to upgrade to the SE version, we will get credit for trading in. 
- does anyone on this thread have a color preference?  Or is the flat black good for you?
- definitely want grilles. 

So, I'm ready to give these things a shot. If we order this week, we can have an audition session in three to five weeks.  Thoughts?
@annika @rja @icanskate

PM me for my phone number to connect.
I say 3-5 weeks because I want them to break in, of course. But if you wanted an early preview and help me carry these mugs in the house, that's cool too!
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The audition is on!  I'm placing an order today for the Double Impacts.  If anyone else is interested, PM me with your information, and please post here so others know there's interest.  

Right now, we have two definitely interested, and two possibly interested.  I will take the thread offline to email for those who've contacted me directly.  We'll report back as things progress.
@rja @annika @icanskate    Tektons are in the house!  They arrived safely, and I've begun the breakin process.  Watch for an email to coordinate a date and time.

Anyone else, let me know if you want to check it out too.  Otherwise, more to come. 
Wow. You got those fast! I wonder if Eric was following this thread. Do you think you might have gotten them faster because of possible multiple sales of DI's? Just wondering.......:-)
I ordered from the "specials" page.  It's no special price, but they are done and ready to ship.  They actually shipped same day as I placed the order.  Confirmed by FedEx.  BTW... FedEx dudes weren't thrilled about the size and weight of the boxes.  :-)
Also, guys, I now have KT150 tubes in addition to the EL34s.  We can compare if you like.
Soundermn . What size group do you have so far ? Are you still going to divide up the Return fee to the participants ? If so how much are we looking at ? Or are they so great you know already you are keeping them ?
@soundermn   Great to hear that you have the Double Impacts! Also seems like you have good traction on your shared / group audition.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you who audition. 
@maplegrovemusic I'm not going comment at this point on whether I think I'll keep them. I want this to be unbiased, so I'll wait until everyone can chime in. But, if I remember correctly, didn't you listen to my 803s last year?  If yes, you know they are good in my room, and will be hard to beat. So it will be interesting indeed!

If you want to come, please do. I'm not charging a "fee". But I'm hoping that those who were considering buying DIs will agree to help in the cost if we all agree they should go back. In other words, it would cost you approx $300 to try them yourself. This way you can try them at a lower cost risk. If you don't want to pitch in, that's  okay too. Maybe you just want to listen but don't intend to buy. Maybe you can bring a snack or beverage to share. 

Right now, we have four, and maybe plus you is five. And we will do it in a few weeks, after break in and the holiday, on a date we all agree.  
@maplegrovemusic what did you decide?  Our dates are narrowing down to Nov 25/26 or Dec 10.  Let me know!
@Soundermn  I bought some speakers last week . No longer in the market for speakers now . Have two pairs to unload actually . I will be looking to read your opinion as to whether you like them better than your Nautilus . Thanks,mike.
@maplegrovemusic what do you have to sell and what'd you get?

Glad you got it sorted out, and have something new to play with!
@Sounderman . I purchased a pair of King Sound KS17 speakers . Will be selling a pair of King Sound - King v1 speakers and a pair of Gilmore Audio - model 2 speakers . They will be on mpls craigs list and here on agon in the coming weeks if anyone has interest .
@Sounderman . If you ever want to come up and take a listen your invited . Just bring that fantastic integrated of yours !
@soundermn    . All this talk in the forums on a daily basis for Tekton has pushed me over the edge on wanting to hear them . Just bought the new speaks but who doesn't need a second set ?  Have you finalized a date and time yet ?
Yes. It’ll be next Saturday, the 25th at 11am. You are welcome to jo8n us!   I’m making hot appetizer type food, and others are bringing snacks or beverages.   I think I still have your number. I’ll text you. 
So curious to get everyone's thoughts on how this went?! Can't wait to hear all the opinions. 
It went well! Four guys and my GF were there. We hung out for a few hours, listened to some great music, and talked about the Tektons, and a myriad of other stuff. And, @rja brought some awesome Kentucky bourbon!

As for the Tektons, we listed to vinyl as well as some CDs. At the end of the day, I need to reconsider my choice of phono preamp, as it doesn’t quite have the "pop" that CDs do, and I prefer the vinyl. That said, we all agreed that Tekton isn’t just hype.

The consensus was: The bass impact is awesome. We wondered why some would say the bass is a bit shy... not so with the Primaluna and the KT150s! The midrange is a little shy in some music... I’ll let @icanskate comment on that. But, it’s not noticeable on all music, and more noticeable on vinyl than CDs. And, there is a slight boxy sound sometimes in the upper bass range. We attribute both to the speakers may need a bit more break-in time. They have about 80 hours on them now.

Further, the dynamics are great! The treble and midrange is very clear, open and natural. They sound great at low volumes, and they perform well at higher volumes. An interesting observation was that most preferred the sound from further away, like about 12 to 15 feet from the speakers. Could be due to the volume we were using, or a bit of the room size and shape. In my room, however, this is a good thing. We often play pool while listening to music, so these DIs fill the room with awesome sound.

We also connected the B&W 803 Nautilus for a short while. Everyone agreed that the Tektons sound more open, and have better soundstage. They are a bit more lively and definitely have better, more impactful bass. On the other hand, the B&Ws have a bit more "texture" to the vocals. This is where we all thought that the SE version of the DIs would be a big improvement... although not worth double the price. If the DI SEs were $5k... but that’s another story.

So, where it ended was everyone agreeing that they are very impressive speakers. The hype is reality. I have listened to the Wilsons ($16K) in the showroom, and I don’t think they are ’better’. These speakers are definitely worth their cost, and perform well above what I have heard. Are they "$60k giant killers"? I don’t think so. In the SE version, they could be. In the Upgraded version I have, they are really great $3k speakers, and can definitely play in the $5k to $10k ballpark. There are definitely some things they do much better than my B&Ws ($6k new in 2000). Most things, in fact. And, my GF prefers the sound of the Tektons, even though she isn’t an audiophile like the rest of us. She’d be happier if they weren’t so big.

Are they staying? I haven’t decided yet, for a few reasons. Primary reason is that I’m interested in another color than black... but others seemed to think the black is just fine, and easier to resell at some time in the future. And, they are big. In my room, they are big enough that I’ll have to move some other stuff around to make them look right. But, I think the answer is that it’s pretty likely I’ll have Tekton speakers for the foreseeable future. Either DI, or perhaps the Electron.

As for color, can anyone tell me the name of the color that looks like saltillo tile? Can you share a link to a picture in that color? I’ve seen it, but can’t find it now.