Tekton Seas Pendragon amp recommendations?

I just ordered a pair of Tekton Seas Pendragon and I'd like to know what owners are driving their speakers with including opinions about quality of sound performance.

I'm going to play around with a few options.

I have:
Yamaha M-4 (120 WPC @ 8 Ohms & 170 WPC @ 4 Ohms)
Emotiva Mini-X a-100 (50 WPC @ 8 Ohms & 80 WPC @ 4 Ohms)

I'm considering:
Bottlehead Paramount 300B (8.5 Watts each)
Schiit Ragnarok (60 WPC @ 8 Ohms & 100 WPC @ 4 Ohms)
Odyssey Khartago (110 WPC @ 8 Ohms)

I'm sure I can get better fidelity out of a nicer amp than the two I have. I like tubes, so that's why the BH. I'm also curious about the circlotron design of the Ragnarok.

The Seas Pendragon are quite efficient at 95db @ 1W/1m, so they don't need a lot of watts to get loud. I'll be using them for mostly analog stereo hifi audio playback, but sometimes digital audio as well.

Hello Robert, I have never heard a bottle head amplifier but they do have a
very solid reputation for good engineering and very good sound quality at a
very fair price. I would recommend if you do decide to go with bottlehead to
spend a few more dollars and take advantage of their upgraded parts for
their amplifier. You will be rewarded with higher quality sound. If at all
possible with in your budget, get their best capacitors, output transformers
and their best wire option. You won't regret this decision in the long run. An
amplifier of this nature driving your high-quality speaker will result in very
long-term happiness and satisfaction. Good luck to you. Resist the
temptation to save a few dollars by skimping on the capacitors and
transformers , this is not a good place to save a little bit of money. SET
amps have fewer parts than most other topologies, however each part is
crucial and its quality is easily exposed and laid bare. Output transformers
are the true heart and soul of a S ET amplifier get the best that you can
possibly afford.
Charles is right on every score. Herb Reichert reviews Tekton Enzo XL this month's issue of Stereophile; he raves about them even with 3 watt 2A3. I'd go with a 300B, but read his review for some ideas. The XL is just slightly smaller than Pendragon, but family sound is similar.
Dude 8 watts. Would never be
Enought. I know the the man
THINKS 1 watt is good.   I sure dont.   But go on get it 
He probably found a Amp after more than 2 yrs I would hope,or maybe he was just waiting for somebody to say Dude 8watts would never be enought. I know the the man.

Op of this thread you can buy a Amp now you have your answer.

That's some funny schitt right there.
Who is the the man thinks 1 watt is good.

I know if the 1st isn't any good I don't want anymore of them.

Just purchased a used set of Seas Pendragon speakers.  I'm powering with the Naim Uniti Star amp. These speakers are replacing a set of Focal Chora 826.  The amp now is running cooler, even at higher volumes, with the new speakers.  PRaT is even more evident with the Seas Pendragon's.  Very happy with this pairing.

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