Teledyne AR-9 Towers?????

I have a pair of these that are re-built recently, cabinets and grills in great shape and IMO a pretty good sounding speaker, but I cant find specs anywhere, I once saw them on a classic speaker thread but its gone any help please??? thanks Chad
I still have the original ar-9 info packet that came with a
pair I purchased many years ago-I sold the speakers to a
friend-do you have the models with side firing 12 inch woofers-or the forward facing 12 with down firing 10-I have the info on the 12/10 models--Bob
For sake of clarity, the model that Bob aka Steeler8 mentions is the AR-9Ls. The standard AR-9 made use of two 12's, one mounted on each opposing side panel of the speaker near the very bottom of the cabinet. This was done to achieve specific loading characteristics. The AR-9Ls used a front firing 12" that was mounted a little higher in the cabinet and a bottom firing 10" driver. Besides the loss of surface area by going to the smaller driver, this design loads the room differently and may require alternative placement methods that one could normally take advantage of with the earlier original 9's. Both designs are capable of very good performance. As a side note, if one looks at the original Legacy 1's ( early version of the Classic ), you'll find a multitude of similarities between it and the 9Ls. Sean