Tempo Electric 4N Silver Speaker Cables

Just wanted to post about these wonderful cables...

I replaced my 16ga Duelund tinned copper with tempo Electric's .9999 pure silver solid core speaker cables and they're just superb in my system (https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/7983).

I remember @charles1dad posting about how rewarded he was by putting silver into the system and I totally concur. Everything just sounds more real and natural. These cables deserve more attention. 

I like some silver in my system also.Not from end to end,but balanced with occ copper in some spots seems just right.Sweet system you've got!
Cal, I've been using the Tempo Electric Big Twist 12 gauge solid core silver speaker cable for around five years now. I love how they sound on my Tannoy HPD 315's. I was able to buy two pair of identical twelve foot long cables back then for $1600. I'm glad I did it then, and with no regrets.

@jtcf My interconnects are also silver... so far every time I've replaced copper with high quality solid core silver the system has gotten better.  

I'll probably test out the end to end theory. Am currently planning on replacing the copper wires in my amps, pre, & speakers too... curious if any of those changes will be negative, or if I'll continue to only hear improvement.

I have read people calling the silver sounds thin or bright. I definitely did not hear any of that in my system... just an across the board improvement.
A few years ago I bought silver wire from Tempo and 'rolled my own'.  It was on a par with Oyaide 910 silver interconnects.  Probably as much to the uber rca plugs I used.
I've also used VH Audio's 5N solid silver in cotton wire to build a pair of interconnects (with KLEI absolute harmony plugs) and found it to be a substantial upgrade over my other interconnects. 

The only things people charging you $1000s of dollars can upgrade is the precision of the cable geometry and the shielding.  They probably use lower quality wire than either VH Audio or Tempo Electric too.
Have been listening and just appreciating more and more what these cables have brought over the already wonderful and highly regarded duelund tinned copper wire I had in my system before...

Not to sound like a salesman, but the 14ga in oversized Teflon is just $229.28 per meter, per Unbalanced stereo set, with a 30-day trial period. My system is so much better with these in the chain.
My speakers are Tempo Electric EP1's that, instead of having binding posts, have silver wire coming out of the crossovers. Since I had him build my speakers this way, there's no way for me to say that binding posts and copper wire would be better or worse. However, in my head it made/makes sense to use the wire that's in the speaker, out to the amps. Especially as it's high quality silver wire.

I would love to have them build me a pair of silver balancedinterconnects, but I'm not sure I want to spend that much on cables.
There is Nothing and I mean nothing out there in the world of audio at any price that can touch silver for both ic’s or speaker cable copper is copper no matter how you roll it configure it twist it jacket it it’s still slow mushy congestive sound
the speed of silver clarity of silver dynamics of silver cannot be touched not by a mile 
just proved it again to myself yesterday and that is 300k spent in audio wins and mistakes over the last 50 years