Terrible loss to the jazz world

Lyle Mays, jazz keyboardist and long time collaborator with Pat Metheny has died at the age of 66. 

This is in honor of Lyle Mays; I saw him and the Pat Metheney Group on the Admiral Riverboat in St. Louis about this time, they were fantastic, this is my favorite tune by him;


Lyle Mays and Pat Metheney were like Peanut butter and jelly; bacon and eggs; you can't have one without the other. While not "mainstream jazz" their music to me is like the Missouri landscape after you leave the metropolitan area, it's wide open and free.


Sometimes Lyle's music just grabs you, and at other times it requires a calm introspective mood to hear into the music.


We will miss Lyle, but we will always have his music to keep his memory alive.


A great writer and artist.  his piano solos on the Pat Metheny Group albums are outstanding.

will be missed.