Testament records reissues

Testament has been releasing some of very best (performance wise) in Violin solo performances as well as small scale ensemble. I have a few of originals. The originals are very mediocre sound wise though the performance is outstanding. My question is, has anyone bought these New Testament reissues and how do they sound? In case you happen to have originals how do they compare?

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I am listening to a Chopin right now on this label...it's a nice recording...I don't have the original to compare...
I have half a dozen or so Testament reissues of EMI orchestral recordings, none of the solo violin or small scale. The Testaments are reasonably good. I haven't had original EMIs against which to compare them, only early pressing Angel and Capitol and they've bettered those pressings easily. Keep in mind that some of the EMI recordings where the sonics simply are not that good, even though there are many we treasure.
Rushton and jfrech,

Thanks a lot for the reply. Based on your reply, I am going to try these reissues. I think the combination of great sounding recording and exquisite performance is elusive, so much for being audiophile.

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I'll be interested in your reactions to the Testament reissues you decide to purchase. Please let us know!